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Can You Use Bass Rods For Surf Fishing?

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Your main fishing forte is bass fishing, but you want to try more general surf fishing. Will your bass fishing rod handle the rigors of surf fishing? 

It is possible to use bass rods for surf fishing.

You want your bass rod to be at least 10 feet in length to increase your chance of a successful bout of surf fishing. You also need at least 500 yards of line on your spool. The line should be braided with a strength of 20-40 lbs.

Read on to find out how to go surf fishing with your bass rod successfully.

What Is A Bass Rod?

A bass rod is a rod mainly designed to catch fish like Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Spotted Bass, and more. Bass fishing rods aren’t made for surf fishing. However, you can still use this rod for surf fishingOpens in a new tab..

Why Do I Need A Longer Bass Rod For Surf Fishing?

As we mentioned, you can get by by using a shorter rod. This will allow you to catch bass and bait fish who lurk closer to the shore. But, if you want to get other types of fish, then you need to be able to cast out further into the surf.

Longer rods (between 10 to 12 feet in length) allow you to cast your line into the sweet spot of the surf. They also provide better accuracy so that your line lands exactly where you want it to. That makes fishing more efficient (you don’t have to recast your line).

A well-balanced rod is easier to hold, making casting the line less hassle. Additionally, long rods give you better balance when paired with 4000 to 6000-rated reels. Don’t go placing heavier reels on shorter rods. That makes your time fishing much more comfortable.

A shorter rod can be sufficient in most situations. However, you may be battling against a heavier fish your rod can’t stand up to.

You have to cut the line or have your rod flex more than it was made to. Both scenarios can result in your equipment being damaged.

What Is The Best Type of Reel To Use On My Bass Rod For Surf Fishing?

What reel you get for your rod is determined by two things:

  1. How accurate do you want your cast to be
  2. How much fishing lineOpens in a new tab. do you want on your reel

Accuracy in Casting

When shopping for reels, you will find that they come in several different options: spin cast, spinning, and baitcasting.

If you want ease of use, then go with a spin cast or spinning reels. These are the reels that beginners, as well as more experienced anglers, use. Baitcast reels have a huge learning curve and take time to master.

The most popular choice of reel is the spinning reel. This is because they provide more accurate casting than a spin cast reel does. You want to ensure that each time you cast out your line, it lands where you intended. Spincast reels can be hit-and-miss in this aspect of fishing.

How Much Fishing Line Do I Need?

Running out of line can be frustrating when fishing. Yet, how do you decide how much fishing line you need? Stick with the rule that too much line can be better than not enough line.

Think about how far out you want to cast. Give yourself enough line to reach that spot in the surf. Also, you want enough slack on your line when your catch starts dragging it. Additionally, more line allows you to free yourself from snags.

The thickness of the line also influences how much of it you can store on your reel. The thinner the line, the more of it you can wind on the reel. Yet, you can compromise strength for the luxury of length.

A spinning reel with a size rated at 6000 can store around 300 yards of line. Yet, you will want to have some extra line. Allow an additional 100 to 200 yards to give you breathing room when battling a heavier fish.

What Equipment is Best for Surf Fishing, Including Rods and Bait Launchers?

When it comes to surf fishing, the best equipment often includes long casting rods and reliable bait launchers for surf fishingOpens in a new tab.. These tools are essential for getting your bait out to where the fish are, and can make all the difference in your success on the water.

What is The Best Line to Use With my Bass Rod When Surf Fishing?

We talked about the ideal length of the fishing line, but what is the best type of line to use? Best is always a subjective term, and everybody is different.

If you want to talk about the most popular fishing line, it is the braided line. It’s thin and can handle heavier fish. Another reason why the braided line is becoming popular is because of its sensitivity. 

You can feel the bite from the smaller fish. Another thing going for this type of line is that it is very accurate when casting.

The monofilament lineOpens in a new tab. is the cheapest option for fishing lines. It has been around since the 1950s and is as popular as the braided line. The advantages of this type of line are that:

● it is translucent (making it hard for fish to see)

● tying knots is easy

● the line is strong

● it stretches when being pulled

The downside of a monofilament line is that it isn’t as sensitive as a braided line. That can have you missing out on a good catch.

What is The Ideal Line Strength For Surf Fishing?

Whether you go with a braided line or monofilament is up to you. You can try both and see which one you prefer better.

Because the fish in the surf vary in size and weight, you will want to have a line that is at least 20 to 30 pounds in strength. That allows you to cover all your bases when out fishing. You never can tell what’s out there under the water.


If you have a bass fishing rod, you can use it to surf fish. The main issue you may face is that you can’t cast that far out into the surf if it’s a shorter rod.

For those anglers who want to experience both bass and surf fishing, then a longer rod is recommended. Consider getting a rod that is between 10 to 12 feet long. These rods can easily handle bigger reels without compromising the rod’s balance.

Spincast or spinning reels are the easiest reels to use. However, spinning reels offer more accurate casting than spin-cast reels. You will want a reel with a size rating of 4000 to 6000, as this gives you a decent amount of line.

Braided fishing line has grown in popularity. This can be due to two factors regarding this line. First, it is easy to cast with as it doesn’t twist as the monofilament line does. 

Secondly, the braided line is sensitive. That allows you to pick up on the smallest bite or tug against the line. Equipping your bass rod with the right reel and line will enable you to enjoy surf fishing without buying an extra rod.

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