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13 Best Surf Spinning Rods

Best Surf Rods
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If you are into surf fishing, you should definitely get your hands on a surf rod. But, with so many options to choose from, buying the best surf spinning rods can be overwhelming. Thus, I browsed the internet and picked the best ones worth your money.

If you are pressed for time, just go with the Opens in a new tab.ODM Frontier X Surf RodOpens in a new tab.. It checks all the boxes and comes with all the important (and cool) features you would want in a premium and reliable surf spinning rod that comes in the $200 to $600 price range. 

But everyone might have different needs and a lower budget than mine. Keep on reading for a detailed review of all the top surf rods. 

13 Best Surf Fishing Rods You Can Buy

With so many surf spinning rods out there, picking the top one can be tough. Do not worry. We have you covered. You do not need to go through all the ones available in the market, and here are the only 14 you need to care about. 

I will divide the reviews into price sections to make things easier for you. So, let’s get started. 

1. ODM Frontier X Saltwater Surf Rod

The ODM Frontier X Surf RodOpens in a new tab. features a well-built and light all-in-one package that is great for all users. This rod is hand-built in the US. You can be sure that some quality craftsmanship went into making this one.

That is pretty apparent from the build of this one. It uses a Multi-modulus Carbon Nano Tech that features a pretty distinct layering process. This gives you an incredibly well-built rod that will last you for quite a while.

The durability is further strengthened with the 1K Carbon Woven outer. You can take this outside and use it the way it was meant to be used, and it should be protected from all elements.

The paco foregrip is something you will love too. It helps with, well, gripping the rod. When using it, you feel like having complete control of your rod. And not to mention it is pretty comfortable too!

Its reel seat is genuinely ergonomic and tangle-free. Your rod will not tangle easily, which should save you hours trying to untangle the line. And let’s be honest, untangling a fishing lineOpens in a new tab. can be tedious and annoying.

All in all, this one is a premium option you can get right now. Everything is genuinely on point on this one.

ODM Frontier X Saltwater Surf Rod

Model #LengthPiecesActionLure RatingMax. Drag
NXFX-8638’6″2Mod. – Mod. Fast3/4 oz.18 lb.
NXFX-9649’6″2Mod. – Mod. Fast3/4 oz.20 lb.
NXFX-106410’6″2Mod. – Mod. Fast3/4 oz.22 lb.
NXFX-106610’6″2Mod. – Mod. Fast 2 – 6 oz. 24 lb.
NXFX-106810’6″2Mod. – Mod. Fast 3 – 8 oz. 28 lb.
NXFX-116611’6″2Mod. – Mod. Fast2 – 6 oz. 24 lb.


  • Decent backbone with rigidity
  • Durable build quality
  •  Anti-tangle surf rodOpens in a new tab.
  • Comfortable to hold


  • Slightly short forehand grip

2. ODM Rods The Jigster

We have another rod from the guys over at ODM. This time it is The JigsterOpens in a new tab.. Expect to get the same exceptional performance as the last one within the same price range. One thing you will love in particular is how sensitive this rod is to bounce over the bottom.

Almost everything that matters, like build quality, ease of use, and comfort, is on par with our previous one. It uses advanced carbon technology for some added strength. So, if your catch is being a bit stubborn, you can still reel it in without much trouble. 

Although it features a 2-piece design with a 50/50 split, it feels and operates like a single unit. I think it is worth mentioning that it shows the level of engineering and thought that went into designing this rod.

The grips are comfortable as well. Paco grips will keep you in control, always! Add that on top of the ant-twist features and what you have is a well-rounded rod that works. 

One of the things that most annoys me about other rods on the market is their fighting power. They are sort of weak. Not this one, and it is a robust rod. 

Since it comes with the deluxe DPS reel seat, you can rest assured that the grip will be vice-like. Your catch is not going anywhere with this rod at hand. 

ODM Rods The Jigster

Model #LenghtPiecesActionLure RatingMax Drag
NXJ-1061010’6″ 2Fast Action 4 – 10 oz. 33 lb.
NXJ-10612 EXTREME10’6″ 2Fast Action 6 – 12 oz. 35 lb.
NXJ-111011′ 2Fast Action 4 – 10 oz.33 lb.
NXJ-1112 EXTREME 11′ 2Fast Action 6 – 12 oz.35 lb.
NXJ-1212 12′ 2Fast Action 5 – 12 oz. 33 lb.
NXJ-1212C 12′ 2Fast Action 5 – 12 oz. 33 lb.


  • Lightweight and thin rod
  • Fantastic build quality
  • Casts over long distances
  • Tangle-free K guides 
  • Robust reel seat


  • Does not come in different colors

3. St. Croix Legend Surf Rod

Those who are in the know love this brand. It is one of the most popular surfing rods you can buy. And that is for good reasons. I loved the build and features of this one. 

The St. Croix Legend Surf RodOpens in a new tab. range from 7 feet to 12 feet in length. And these rods are designed for surf fishing, either you’re going for a big fish or a small one.

So, what is so special about it? How about the titanium frame, for starters? The frame makes this rod extremely resilient and tough. You should be able to use this thing without worrying about the rod giving in at the most crucial moment. And did I mention it is also corrosion-resistant? Because it definitely is!

Casts will be smooth every time, thanks to the tangle-free Fuji Torzite guides. No more wasting time untangling your line. We all know how irritating that can be. Do you want to know another cool thing? It’s the grips.

Not only are they comfortable to hold, but they also get grippier when wet. That is what I call practical innovation right there. This one really is worth the money you pay for it. 

So, if you are looking to catch large fish or just a small one, these rods might be the best option for you. I’m pretty sure you will have a great experience feeling with these rods.

St. Croix Legend Surf Rod

GSS70MMF 7′MMOD.FAST 18-175/8-2
GSS80MMF8′MMOD.FAST 18-173/4-3
GSS90MMF2 9′MMOD.FAST210-201-4
GSS100MMF2 10′MMOD.FAST210-201-4
GSS106MHMF2 10’6″MHMOD.FAST212-252-6
GSS110MHMF211′MHMOD.FAST. 23-83-8


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Tangle-free guides
  • Durable titanium build quality
  • Grippy and comfortable grip


  •  Only one color

4. Lamiglas Supersurf 2G Rods

The Lamiglas Supersurf 2G RodsOpens in a new tab. are the last one you can get within the $445 to $500 price range. But it does not fall behind in any way compared to the other options.

The brand redesigned its rods to be better than the previous version in every way. It is more durable and comes with Fuji reel seats. Plus, the lightweight K-frame makes it easy to use and comfortable as well. 

I also liked the color finish on this one. The aqua-blue finish sort of looks like it would be right for a surf rod, and it is one of those color finishes you need to see in real life to understand how good it looks. Nonetheless, the finish looks premium and eye-catching.

From the build quality to the design, Lamiglas did a stellar job of balancing every aspect of this road. The grips are excellent too! It will last you long without kicking the bucket and will perform like a charm. 

Another thing I liked is how sensitive this rod is. When the fish bites onto it, you will notice it instantly. Some poor-quality surfing rods do not really help you understand whether a fish has bitten the bait or not.

Like with one of the previous rods, my minor complaint with this one is the same. It comes in just one color, but it is nice and elegant. This sensitivity level makes it a good choice for beginners who are shopping at a higher price range and do not mind the lack of color options. 

Lamiglas Supersurf 2G Rods

SS9MHS9FT 2PCSFAST 1-315-251
SSS10MS10FT 2PCSFAST1-315-252
SSS10MHS10FT 2PCSFAST2-517-402
SSS11MHS11FT 2PCSFAST2-617-402


  • Lightweight frame 
  • Durable build 
  • Easy casts
  • Powerful bottom and mid-section 
  • Very sensitive 


  • No color options

5. ODM 2021 Genesis Surf Spinning Rods

Another ODM surf rodOpens in a new tab. made it to the list for good reasons. The brand ODM happens to make some of the best surf spinning rods in the world. And the new improved 2021 Genesis Surf Spinning RodOpens in a new tab. is one of the best you can get if you are shopping for one under the $400 mark. 

This rod combines the latest innovations from the manufacturer to bring you a truly next-gen and friendly experience. While it may not be the cheapest rod on our list, it is still not as expensive as the others. And you still get quite a lot for the money.

It is very sensitive. The advanced carbon nanotech makes it easy to know when something has bitten. That sensitivity does not come at the cost of durability, though. It uses the same tried and true Nanotech with unique layering that makes it as durable as any high-end rod out there on the market.

You will also be handling large fish with this rod with no hassle whatsoever. Thanks to the power-driven genesis origins with fighting prowess, it gives you ample fighting strength. If you are experienced, catching and reeling in big fish will not be much trouble with this rod. 

I think this rod does all the minor and major things right, which is essential for a surf rod that you can trust. And it is also anti-twisting. That means you get more power with the added benefit of easier casting every time. How cool is that? 

ODM 2021 Genesis Surf Spinning Rods

NXGX-82 8′ 2 – 50/50 Split Moderate 3/8 – 2 oz.14 LB.
NXGX-93 9′2 – 50/50 Split Moderate 1/2 – 3 oz.18 LB.
NXGX-103510′2 – 50/50 Split Moderate 1/2 – 3.5 oz.19 LB.
NXGX-11411′2 – 50/50 Split Moderate 3/4 – 4 oz.20 LB.
NXGX-11611′2 – 50/50 Split Moderate 1 – 6 oz. 24 LB.


  • Anti-twisting 
  • Great fighting prowess
  • Durable 1k Woven build
  • Light and maneuverable 
  • Handles big fish with ease
  • 1 Year limited warranty


  • Grips might be too thin for some

6. Star Rods VPR Surf

Want to go surf fishing? I have just the right surf spinning rods for you. This one from Star RodsOpens in a new tab. does two things well. It is super well-made and is lightweight too! Some would even argue those two are the most important things. And I will agree with them.

Of course, there are other important things as well. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First up is the build. The VPR surf rodOpens in a new tab. uses multi-directional graphite with a specialized Nano resin formula. Now, what does that mean?

Well, it means one thing. This rod will handle almost all kinds of situations like a champ. It should last without any hiccups, and your surf fishing sessions will be reliable.

Its best thing is that it does not give up lightweight and ease for durability. The same ground-breaking material that makes it super durable also contributes to how lightweight it is. And there are Fuji HD reel seats that help reduce the weight further. 

Your lines will not get tangled either. The SIC rings will keep any tangles at bay, and you can start casting within minutes. Setting up is easy too! EVA handles keep this rod glued to your hand, so you are in control at every step of the process.

Star Rods VPR Surf

Model #LengthLine RatingLure WeightActionGuides and TipForegripButt
1 pc
8-173/4-3Medium75in EVA18.75 in
2 pcs
12-251-4Medium85in EVA 18.75 in
2 pcs
12-251-1/2 – 5Medium85in EVA20.25 in
2 pcs
10-203/4-4Medium85in EVA20.25 in
2 pcs
Medium-Heavy85in EVA20.25 in
2 pcs
15-303-8Medium-Heavy95in EVA21.25 in


  • Tangle-free SIC rings
  • Comfortable grips
  • Stellar build quality 
  • Long casts
  • Lightweight with Fuji HD reels


  • Exposed blinks are something everyone will not like

Best Surf Rods Under $300

7. Shimano Tiralejo Surf Spinning Rods

Shimano Tiralejo Surf Spinning RodsOpens in a new tab. is our first rod under the $300 range that comes from Shimano. And boy, is it worth the price. Forget about any flashy and unnecessary gimmicks. This rod gives the features that matter. And when you are shopping within a tight budget, that is exactly what you should look for.

The Fuji stainless steel guide frame gives it a lot of durability and can handle the toughest of scenarios. And it is also very sensitive, and you will know right when you catch something. 

Balance is something you will love too. It feels natural to cast and hold, and that means you get great control over the rod when you are fishing. The Fuji DPS reel seat works like a charm. You need to note that it is not the thinnest rod you can buy. 

A slightly thinner rod would have made it easier to use. But I did not feel like that was a major problem here though. You will love the reduced recovery rate of this rod as well, and it helps you cast farther to get to specific spots more accurately.

Shimano Tiralejo Surf Spinning Rods

2 pcs
MediumModerate Fast30-503/4-3
Fuji DPS
2 pcs
Fuji DPS
2 pcs
MediumModerate Fast30-501-3.5
Fuji DPS
2 pcs
Fuji DPS
2 pcs
Medium-HeavyModerate-Fast 30-652-6
Fuji DPS
2 pcs
Medium-Heavy Moderate Fast30-50

Fuji DPS


  • Stainless steel frame
  • Fast recovery 
  • Comfortable grip 
  • Very sensitive 


  • It could be a bit thinner 

8. Tsunami SaltX Surf Spinning Rods

Let me begin with very small detail. This has a great name. The SaltXOpens in a new tab., on the other hand, has more to offer than just a catchy name. This has been designed to be a high-end rod. 

This is also available in a variety of colors. So, if you’re looking for a specific design, you should be able to find it.

Think about all the things that make a surf spinning rod great, and this one has them. It uses Fuji reel seats and has a 70/30 split configuration. 

This is different compared to some other rods you will see on the market, as it will give you more stability. And who does not want more stability? I sure do. 

There is also a lock that will keep the reel seat, well, locked in place. The guide train is also more expensive. It is not just expensive but performs well as well, which will help you cast very long distances.

Overall, this rod is strong and also lightweight. The nanotech build also performs admirably. You already know what this means. These will be super durable and will give you tremendous hoop strength. 

Tsunami SaltX Surf Spinning Rods

2 pc


15-30lb1/2-2 1/2oz
2 pc



2 pc




3/4-3 3/4oz
2 pc


2 pc



  • Fuji reel seats and K-frame guide
  • Durable Nanotech build
  • Longer and more accurate casts
  • 70/30 split for smooth action


  • The rod is a tab bit stiff

9. ODM D.N.A. Surf Rods

An ergonomic build with ample power. That is how I would describe this rod from ODM. If you are shopping for something below the $300 mark, this one is also a great choice if the Tsunami one is just out of your budget.

It can cast very long distances. That will allow you to get to those specific hotspots where fish could be. Besides, being able to cast a long way is a bonus everyone will enjoy. It gives you versatility. 

The guides are Alconite this time. Although they might not be as tough as stainless steel, a lot of high-end rods use Alconite K-guides. So, you should not face any problems here. With this kind of guide, you will be able to distribute the weight of the fish evenly throughout the rod. 

So, when you are fighting one, it will not cause strain at a particular point on the rod. The grip is also custom, and it is a spiral grip that is comfortable to hold with a but-split style. 

ODM D.N.A. Surf RodsOpens in a new tab.

NXD-7615 7’6″ Mod – Mod. Fast 3/8 – 1 1/2 oz. 9 lb.
NXD-82 8′2 – 60/40 Split Mod – Mod. Fast 3/8 – 2 oz. 11 lb. 
NXD-9359′2 – 60/40 Split Mod – Mod. Fast 1/2 – 3.5 oz.16 lb. 
NXD-10410′ 2 – 60/40 Split Mod – Mod. Fast 3/4 – 4 oz. 17 lb.
NXD-106410’6″ 2 – 60/40 Split Mod – Mod. Fast 3/4 – 4 oz.18 lb. 
NXD-11511′2 – 60/40 Split Mod – Mod. Fast 1 – 5 oz. 20 lb. 
NXD-11811′ 2 – 60/40 Split Mod – Mod. Fast 3 – 8 oz.24 lb.


  • Carbon Nanotechnology build quality 
  • Fuji alconite K-guides 
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Lightweight build


  • None

10. St. Croix Mojo Surf Spinning Rods

Here’s another surf spinning rod from St. Croix that is on the economic side. But how does this one compare to the pricier St. Croix Legend rods? Fortunately, it holds up pretty well with its higher-priced cousin.

Although the features are not all that relatively great, you still get some good bang for the buck here. This one does all the basics right, and that is what you want at the end of the day. It uses SC2 graphite for the build. That makes it strong and lightweight to use.

So, comfort is not sacrificed here. The space-saving surf guides also contribute to the overall lightweight of this one. 

You will be able to cast further, too! The zirconium guides help you cast exactly where you want to hit those hotspots where gamefish are plenty. If you are a beginner or just want a slightly less affordable rod, this one does deserve a closer look. 

St. Croix Mojo Surf Spinning Rods

MSS70MLMF7′1MLMod. Fast 6 – 123/8 – 16.2oz
MSS70MMF7′1MMod. Fast8 – 175/8 – 27.1oz
MSS80MMFOpens in a new tab.8′1MMod. Fast8 – 173/4 – 38.8oz
MSS90MMF29′2MMod. Fast10 – 201 – 410.1oz
MSS90MM29′2MMod.10 – 203/4 – 410.2oz
MSS100MMF210′2MMod. Fast10 – 201 – 412.6oz
MSS106MM210′ 6”2MMod.10 – 203/4 – 412.8oz
MSS106MHMF210′ 6”2MHMod. Fast12 – 252 – 612.9oz
MSS110MHMF211′2MHMod. Fast15 – 403 – 813.9oz
MSS120HMF212′2HMod. Fast20 – 606 -1621.0oz


  • One-piece feel 
  • Lots of strength to pull heavy fish 
  • Long casts
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use 


  • Real seat loosens sometimes

11. St. Croix Triumph Surf Travel Rods

Yes, I know. You might be thinking that I have become a complete St. Croix fanboy. That is not the case. The brand just happens to make some pretty solid options at this price range. Take the Triumph model, for example.

The cool thing about this one is that it is specially built for travel, and Anglers who love traveling do not need to leave their surf spinning rods at home. It gives you great strength and control, and it comes with an XDPS reel seat and an eco-friendly sandblasted hood. If that is not a good value, I do not know what is. 

You can bring it with your travel bag. The size is small, though. So, keep that in mind. This particular one is a medium 9 ft size, and there is also a 10 ft option you can choose from. Everything is still great with this rod. 

The cork handles feel premium, and the Flex Coat slow-cure finish looks and feels awesome. You will love this one the moment you hold it in your hands.

Croix Triumph Surf Travel RodsOpens in a new tab.



  • Convenient size
  • Eco-friendly sandblasted hood 
  • Solid build 
  • Different size options


  • Comes in 4 pieces 

12. Penn Carnage II Surf Rods

Anglers that want superior drag pressure with braided lines need to give this one from Penn a closer look. The SLS3 blank construction makes this one of the toughest rods at its price point, and you can be sure it will give you reliable performance.

Then there is also the great Alconite K guide. This distributes the stress evenly on the rod’s backbone, so it will not suddenly snap. You will have greater fighting strength with this one.

Want more grip? I have some good news for you. The foregrip is non-slip. So, when you are holding it, it will stay right where it is meant to be. This gives you more control and command of the rod when fishing. That is something you will want, especially when dealing with larger fish.

And not to mention, this one also features the tried-and-true Fuji reel seat for the best performance you can get. As you can see, even the seemingly low-priced ones are not that bad. 

Penn Carnage II Surf Rods

CARSFII1530S80 Spinning 8’0”2MediumModerate Fast15-30 lbs3/4-3 oz
CARSFII 820S90Spinning9’0”2Medium LightModerate Fast8-20 lbs1/2-2 oz
CARSFII1530S90Spinning9’0”2MediumModerate Fast 15-30 lbs3/4-3 oz
CARSFII1530S10Spinning10’0”2MediumModerate15-30 lbs3/4-3 oz
CARSFII2050S10Spinning10’0”2Medium-Heavy Moderate20-50 lbs1-5 oz
CARSFII2050S11Spinning11’0”2Medium-Heavy Moderate20-50 lbs2-6 oz
CARSFII3065S12Spinning12’0”2HeavyModerate30-65 lbs4-8 oz
CARSFII1530C10Spinning10’0”2MediumModerate15-30 lbs1-4 oz
CARSFII2050C11Spinning11’0”2Medium-HeavyModerate20-50 lbs2-6 oz
CARSFII3065C12Spinning12’0”2HeavyFast30-65 lbs4-10 oz
CARSFII5080C12Spinning12’0”2X-HeavyFast50-80 lbs6-12 oz


  • Durable SLS3 blank build
  • Non-slip and comfortable grip
  • Alconite K-guides with Fuji reel seat
  • Pretty lightweight 


  • A little heavy

13. Tsunami Airwave Elite Surf Spinning Rods

The last product in this review comes again from the brand Tsunami. Instead of the more premium SaltX line, it is the Airwave Elite one. You can get this one if you want a rod that will do the job with minimal hassle. 

I have been in those situations when all I needed was a surf spinning rod that could get the job done. This rod is that. It is a simple rod with great build quality, comfortable grips, and is pretty lightweight. It is one of the more reliable ones you can shell out your hard-earned money for. 

The build uses high-quality fiber blank construction. This makes it durable and keeps the weight to a minimum. You will not tire yourself out when using it. And also, the cast distance is long too. 

Did I mention the grips? They are a treat. It uses diamond textured shrink vinyl grips, and that makes them light, durable, and easier to hold. And since it is a 50/50 size, there is the additional benefit of portability to go with the list of cool features. What more could you want?

Opens in a new tab.Tsunami Airwave Elite Surf Spinning RodsOpens in a new tab.

TSAWESS-932XHSpinning9’3”2Extra-Heavy20lb/40lb3 – 5oz
TSAWESS-1002XHSpinning10′2Extra-Heavy20lb/40lb3 – 6oz
TSAWESS-1102HSpinning11′2Heavy20lb/40lb1 1/2 – 4 1/2oz
TSAWESS-1202XXHSpinning12′2XX-Heavy30lb/65lb6 – 12oz
TSAWESS-1142XHSpinning11’4”2Extra-Heavy20lb/50lb4 – 8oz
TSAWESS-1062MHSpinning10’62Medium-Heavy12-20lb1-3 1/2oz


  • Lightweight and durable build
  • Comfortable diamond textured grips
  • Fast shock recovery 
  • Portable 50/50 style rod


  • Slightly whippy or soft

Why Should You Consider Buying a Surf Spinning Rod?

You might ask yourself why you need to buy a surf spinning rod in the first place. The main difference is the type of reel you attach. Spinning reelsOpens in a new tab. will let you cast longer and also has lighter lures. 

That is not all, though. You can fish from the shore with them and enjoy the sea and the waves. 

All while there is a possibility of catching a monster fish! Not a literal monster fish, you know what I mean. And these also come with longer rods, and that helps you cover longer distances, especially when fishing in seawater. 

Not to mention, they are lighter, which makes them more comfortable. And they are more durable as well.

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Surf Spinning Rod?

To make things even easier for you, I decided to include a buying guide. It is super easy to pick a product from a handpicked list. 

While you are sure to end up with a great surf rod if you pick from my selections, knowing what specific features to look for will help you make a more informed choice. Here are the important details and features you need to keep an eye out for. 


The blank is the most important component of any surf rod. This is where you need to know what kind of fishing you will do. That is because manufacturers use different materials for the blanks depending on the price point and the kind of fishing they are meant for. 

It is preferable to go with higher quality materials. Strong and sensitive blanks will give you a lot of power in a fight when reeling in a fish. 

Materials like carbon fiber or graphite are good options. 

You can also choose fiberglass blanks. Those are pretty good, albeit at the cost of sensitivity. 


Then there is the handle. You will need to hold the surf rod somewhere, right? Two factors always make a large handle better than a small one. 

When you hook up a big fish, you need to cast far and have a good grip.

Using a method called “snap casting,” you can cast your hook quite far to reach prime spots for fishing. And when you finally catch one, a large handle will give you more leverage when pulling the fish in. The long handle is a must-have for any surf rod.

There is also the handle material to think about. The choices are either cork, EVA foam, or rubber. Some use vinyl as well. Each has its pros and cons. Cork is expensive and is warm to the touch.

They are attractive but not as durable as synthetics. On the other hand, EVA foam is durable and gives you a thicker grip. You will like this if you want something substantial to hold. And rubber gives you non-slip grips. They are durable, and they do not cost that much either.


When you hook up a large fish, you will be thankful for having quality guides. They are mainly used to distribute the weight of a big fish evenly across the blanks of the rod. There is a small caveat, though.

Guides also contribute to the weight of the rod and introduce friction when casting. Guide material is important, just like handling material. 

Getting Fuji Alconite or stainless-steel guides is the best option for you here. The smoother the guides, the better it is. You can click hereOpens in a new tab. to know more about Fuji and what they do.

Reel Seats

As I mentioned, real seats do exactly what they sound like. They lock your reels in place. That should tell you that they are quite important. Get ones that fit different wheel types and, once that’s tightened securely.

Plastic ones get the job done. But if you want complete reliability, metal reel seats are the way to go. Solid brass works well, and Fuji reel seats are top-quality.

If you buy a surf rod keeping these things into consideration, you will end up with a great product. 

Picking The Best Setup for You?

Before wrapping up, I would like to touch on something important. Whenever you are shopping for surf spinning rods, you need to keep in mind how you are going to use them. This is the key to crafting a setup that works for you. 

Otherwise, there was no need to pick 14 rods for the review. Each has its own area of expertise. Most of the important features are common, like durable build quality, reel seats, and others.

But the nuances of each rod can be different. What might work for me might not work for you. Another thing is that you also need to keep the scenario where you will be using the surf rods in mind too.

For instance, if you are surf fishing, then stainless-steel reel seats can corrode. However, that might not be a problem for you if you decide to pay close attention to it and keep it safe and well-maintained. 

The same goes for grips. Whether you get a two-handed grip made of foam or rubber, the ultimate goal is to match your comfort level to the purchase. Ask yourself what works best for you. There are some things you cannot argue against. 

Two-handed grips will work like a charm for everyone. That is just a fact. As I mentioned, you get more leverage when fighting big game fish. But the material choice and preference can vary. So, keep that in mind.

My review is meant to make the decision easier for you. But the final decision will be your call. That is because you are the one who understands what your preferences and needs are. So, you should not pick something only because it is recommended. 

Wrapping Up 

So, when shopping for the best surf spinning rods, which should you buy? My pick is still the Opens in a new tab.Opens in a new tab.Opens in a new tab.ODM Frontier X Surf RodOpens in a new tab.. It does everything right and delivers a stellar performance. If you have the budget, you will not regret getting this one. 

The grips are comfortable to use, and everything is wrapped in a durable carbon nanotech package. Apart from that, it also features some quality-of-life features like anti-tangling lines and more. 

The grips and everything are super nice, plus you can also rely on the guides and reel seat of a rod that is as premium as this one. That is why I will stick with this ODM rod as my favorite pick out of the 14 products I reviewed. 

However, this might not be the best choice if your needs are specific. If you want something that is slightly less expensive, you can get one from the lower price ranges. Or maybe you want something you will be able to travel with. 

That is also possible. The thing to remember here is how you will use your surf rod and what suits you best. Shopkeeping those two things in mind.

Zaldy G.

I love feeling the cool ocean spray every time I hit the beach with a rod and a bucket of bait. I love the thrill of feeling bites on my line whenever I hook a big one. And I especially love the pride that comes with cooking a fresh catch and sharing it with my friends and family. Thank you for stopping by. Let's go catch some fish!

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