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Okuma Makaira Spinning Reels

Okuma Makaira
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To catch large trophy fish in the open ocean, you need specialized, rugged gear to handle the punishment that such large fish can give your equipment. 

A solid, metal fishing reel is Among the best weapons in your large-catch fishing arsenal. And among the best that your money can buy is the Okuma Makaira Spinning Reel

The Okuma Makaira Spinning Reel

The Makaira Spinning Reel from OkumaOpens in a new tab. is among the best-designed and best-built spinning reels you can buy today. 

Manufactured and sold by the iconic Okuma, these reels utilize some of the most intricate and well-crafted design components to present you with a beautifully made and thoughtfully put-together piece of fishing equipment that can last a lifetime.

The Makaira is not meant for small catches or casual fishers. It’s an expensive and complex gear meant to be used by those who can safely and effectively big-game fish on the open ocean.

It’s meant for those passionate about fishing, have years of experience with large catches, and line fish for a living. It’s not a piece of equipment meant for a beginner, but it can serve a seasoned professional very well.  

Some Benefits:

  • Professionally and expertly built
  • It can last you a lifetime
  • Designed specifically for large fish, sharks, and trophy catches

Some Drawbacks:

  • Very expensive and not meant to be used by everyone
  • Overpowered for anything but the largest of line catches
  • Must be kept very carefully and cared for professionally when not in use


Left-handed High-speed spinning reels

ModelGear ratioBearingsWeight
Line retrieve(cm)Max Drag Force(kg)Mono line capacity(mm)Braided lineOpens in a new tab. rating (Tuf line)
MK-10000L4.9:19HPB + 1RB810101.6250.35/380, 0.40/300, 0.45/225415/50, 290/65
9HPB + 1RB997131.1300.45/450, 0.50/370, 0.55/300490/65, 400/80
MK-30000LS5.8:19HPB + 1RB1107166.9300.55/530, 0.60/450, 0.65/380700/80, 570/100

Right-handed High-speed spinning reels

MK-10000R4.9:19HPB + 1RB810101.60.35/380, 0.40/300, 0.45/225415/50, 290/65
MK-20000RS5.8:19HPB + 1RB997131.10.45/450, 0.50/370, 0.55/300490/65, 400/80
MK-30000RS5.8:19HPB + 1RB1107166.90.55/530, 0.60/450, 0.65/380700/80, 570/100

Features and Benefits of the Makaira

The MakairaOpens in a new tab. is designed, cut, and put together with a task: landing the largest ocean fish one can catch on a line. 

Every part of the Makaira is machine-cut for a precise function, and the entire reel fits together as a unit, like a clock or a motor.

The material used is one of its most interesting and important components. The Makaira is manufactured of forged aluminum with a forged stainless steel main gear. 

Like the spool shaft, the 17-4 grade pinion gear is also made of stainless steel. 

This helps minimize damage to the reel when reeling large catches and improves the unit’s strength. 

Okuma has put extra thought and expense into this product, which shows in every component’s craftsmanship. If you want to complete difficult work, use an item built from the toughest materials available to handle that job. 

Just as you wouldn’t haul rocks in a Mini Coop, you wouldn’t try to reel in a yellowfin tuna on a line meant for bass or trout.

The central main gear is made of stainless steel and is forged as a single unit for maximum strength and durability. 

The drag system comprises a series of tiny, interlocking carbon fiber washers engineered for maximum efficiency and ease of capture. You can set it with 20 reference points and up to 60 specific user-set configurations. 

An adjustable drag allows the fisherman to configure the reel for the amount of drag you need to handle the fish on your line. This will allow you to maximize your reel for optimum ease of spin and capture. 

The drag can handle up to 30 kg of pressure and is adjusted before capture; this way, the fisherman can use more or less force based on the species being fished for. 

The housing for the reel is also made of forged aluminum for maximum strength and performance. Stronger than die-cast metal components, forged parts allow for the highest levels of strength and durability and can last the user a lifetime. 

The Okuma MakairaOpens in a new tab. also features separate handles for left and right-hand retrieval. This small yet thoughtful detail ensures that the fisherman gets what he needs and that his equipment works best with his fishing style. 

If you need both a left-hand and a right-hand handle, order both, and you’ll be sure that the Makaira can handle either retrieval method.

Perhaps most thoughtfully, the entire interior workings of the Makaira are sealed in a waterproof body, keeping all of the minute metal components of the reel safe from damage caused by seawater and the elements. 

This is especially useful for ocean fishing and ensures a longer life for the Makaira when contrasted against poorer protected competitor’s items. 

Aesthetics and Real-World Use

We decided to find some real-world application videos for you to see how the Okuma Makaira handles real-world fishing situations. 

These specifications are interesting to read, but how do they translate to real-life use of the Makaira? 

Words also don’t do justice to the beauty and aesthetics of this reel, so let’s take some live-action shots to help you get a better feel for what this item looks like and how it performs.

A classic unboxing video is one of the best ways to understand how something looks. HereOpens in a new tab. we see a gentleman unboxing a special edition of the Makaira, and a few things stand out.

 What struck me was the incredible solidity and build of such a small item. I thought I was looking at a machine part from an airplane or a tank. 

This makes sense, as something has to be solidly and compactly built to handle intense jobs and loads of force, but the build quality of this item truly stood out for me. This is a very well-made item.

The various parts of the Makaira Spinning Wheel lock into a single, strong piece of equipment. Everything is forged and crafted specifically for this item, and the build quality and design are second to none. 

A videoOpens in a new tab. of all of these components being forged and assembled gives some sense of the incredible quality and intricacy of the interior parts of the Makaira. 

This quality translates to superior durability in real-world applications and a longer-lived device for the user.

 Well-designed items outperform generic builds, and the detail and craftsmanship in the Makaira make it truly usable and unique.

Regarding the sturdiness and strength of the item, the following videoOpens in a new tab. demonstrates the Okuma Makaira used by a single fisherman to bring in an active, strong marlin on the open ocean.

 What strikes one about this footage is the incredible size and strength of the fish being caught and the relative ease with which the fish is eventually tired and brought in. 

Granted, this entire session likely took a while, but the Makaira could handle the job without breaking. 

Here’s where all the forged components, extra strength, and durability of the steel and aluminum parts come in. A basic reel couldn’t do this, and this brings me to the expense and specialization of the Makaira Spinning Reel. 

Who’s the Makaira For? 

The Makaira is beautiful and sturdy, making it expensive and heavy. Consider this item when deciding whether or not to go for this item.

You will not want to lose or misplace this item, and it’s not a small amount of money to put down on fishing gearOpens in a new tab.

However, it could be a great buy if you’re a professional trophy angler, fish large catches for a living, or have the expertise and the money to invest in such gear. 

Reviewers praise the durability, build, and incredible attention to detail of the Makaira Spinning Reel. Many say it’s the best you can buy. 

Understanding how this strength helps reel in large catches can help you understand if the Okuma Makaira Spinning Reel is right for you. 

Here are the demographics I’d recommend this reel to:

  • Professional large-catch competitive anglers
  • Those who fish large tuna and marlin and small sharks for a living
  • Those who run their fishing guidesOpens in a new tab. and rent out trips to professionals

If these don’t describe you, the Okuma Makaira Spinning Reel is likely too much reel for you. It is built like an airplane, can last you for years, and has specially forged parts for maximum strength and performance. 

But if you need a truly high-quality, solid, machine-like piece of fishing equipment that can handle some of the biggest catches possible on a line, the Okuma Makaira is likely a great investment. 

Things To Consider

Reeling in large catches on the open ocean isn’t easy. The reel you use needs to be built of tough, durable materials and able to take the punishment that an active, oceanic trophy fish can mete out.

Safety needs to be a priority, as does buying and using equipment specifically built for the task at hand.

You need to ensure that the reel you buy is built for the toughest catches imaginable and will allow you to capture prize catches while keeping you safe and allowing your fishing line to see another day. 

You don’t want sub-standard equipment that will break easily or fail you in the middle of a catch. 

Instead, you’ll be looking for well-built and expertly crafted parts for your fishing gear that can stand up to tough use repeatedly while allowing you to reel in the biggest fish safely caught on a line.


Some alternatives exist if you don’t feel the Makaira Spinning Reel is right for you. The Accurate ADT-50T Platinum Twin DragOpens in a new tab. is a great choice. At $1,200, it’s a bit pricier than the Okuma, but still a very nice item.

Anglers praise the Accurate brand as a high-quality, durable one that can perform well under stress and is assembled and manufactured in the United States.

The Alutecnos Albacore 50W Two SpeedOpens in a new tab. is another high-quality reel for large fish manufactured in Italy under exacting and specific standards of build quality and craftsmanship.

Made of cast carbon and stainless steel, the Albacore is a durable and well-crafted fishing equipment that can last a serious angler for years. At $1,100, it’s a bit pricy but is worth it.

The Daiwa 50 Saltiga Two SpeedOpens in a new tab. is another well-built fishing product exceedingly well-spoken by professional fishermen.

It’s made of machined aluminum and corrosion-resistant stainless steel and is a well-reviewed and tough equipment. At $420, it’s a more affordable and well-made reel that does well on larger fish. 


The Okuma Makaira Spinning ReeOpens in a new tab.l is one of the best reels money can buy. It’s uniquely crafted for superior strength and durability and resists corrosion and salt damage while on the open sea. 

It’s universally well-reviewed and can reel in everything from tuna to sharks. If the Okuma Makaira seems a good match for your needs, click below to check it out. 

Zaldy G.

I love feeling the cool ocean spray every time I hit the beach with a rod and a bucket of bait. I love the thrill of feeling bites on my line whenever I hook a big one. And I especially love the pride that comes with cooking a fresh catch and sharing it with my friends and family. Thank you for stopping by. Let's go catch some fish!

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