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14 Best Surf Fishing Waders Budget Friendly

Best Surf Fishing Waders
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Surf fishing is going fishing while standing along the shore of the ocean. Since you’ll be standing in the water, you’ll need to protect yourself from water, sea creatures, and weather with a sturdy pair of surf fishing waders.

The best surf fishing waders will be made of a breathable yet sturdy material that will keep water out. Chest-high waders have a smaller chance of water getting in them. The soles should be heavy-duty to protect your feet. Good waders will come with a belt to keep water out and your waders secure.

This article will explain why you need waders for surf fishing and how to pick out the best pair for you. It also has an inclusive list that will recommend the best waders for all sizes, including children.

Why Do You Need Waders for Surf Fishing?

Surf fishing is the joy of ocean fishing while standing in the ocean. To be more specific, you stand in the surf zoneOpens in a new tab., where the waves break and create white foam on the sand.

This is a unique fishing experience convenient and exciting – you don’t have to have a boat, and you get to see what you’re catching up close.

Since you’re standing in the water to fish, you’ll need to protect your legs and feet. Waders are the perfect way to do so.

Recommended fishing times are between dark and 10 AM and just a couple hours before the sunsets. It’s during these times, especially mornings that can be particularly cool.

If you’re exposed to cold water for too long, you risk suffering hypothermiaOpens in a new tab.. Waders that can keep water out of them are essential to staying safe.

You also need to be aware of what’s on the sand. Unfortunately, you might find glass or other sharp objects in the sand.

Natural harmful items like jellyfish could also be dangerous. Ensure your boots’ soles, whether the boots are attached to the waders or are separate, have thick soles that will protect you. 

Waders are recommended for surf fishing, but you can forgo them if you want to do so. Of course, you need to consider all the risks you take if you choose not to wear waders.

Waders might be a bit of an inconvenience at times, but some designs have handy dandy flaps that open when it’s time to take care of business.

Not sure if waders are worth your time? Let’s take a look at how to choose the right pair to get an idea of what to look for.

How To Choose The Best Waders For Surf Fishing

Waders keep you safe. However, not all waders are created equal. Some designs are better than others because of their material or style, but it ultimately depends on your preferences and needs.


There are two main types of materials waders are made with: neoprene and breathable fabric. Neoprene is falling out of popularity, but it was all the rage in the 1980s.

Neoprene replaced bulky rubber waders that cracked and leaked. Neoprene stretches and keeps you warm. It actually might keep you a little too warm.

Now, many waders are made out of a breathable fabric that’s super durable. It keeps out water, it doesn’t easily tear, and they’re so lightweight that you can wear clothes underneath them and not get too hot.

This is great if you want to slip out of your waders before you head back home. They also dry much quicker than the neoprene counterpart.


You can find waders that go up to the chest or stop at the waist. Chest-high waders are more common because they do a better job of keeping water out of them.

Surf fishing means you’ll be standing in water that ranges from ankle to knee-high. If you don’t go any further than the knee, waist-high waders should be sufficient.

Accidents can happen, however. You might stumble and fall, or if you catch a particularly big fish, it might pull you deeper into the water.

Waist-high waders in waist-high waters means you’ll be swimming inside your waders, even once you’re standing on dry sand.

Chest-high waders will allow you to go deeper into the water if necessary. If you’re wearing clothing underneath your waders, the chest-high style will help keep them drier longer. 

Boot vs. Stocking Foot

Boots are necessary when surf fishing because they protect your feet and keep your feet dry. There are two types of fishing waders to choose from when it comes to footwear: boot foot waders and stocking foot waders.

Boot foot waders come with the boots attached to the pants. Sounds convenient, and it is. If you buy this type of wader, you don’t have to buy boots. Plus, you don’t have to wear anything else under your boots except for socks. 

There are disadvantages to boot waders, though. They are prone to leaking since the seam between the boot and the waders can tear or loosen up enough to let the water come in.

There’s also the concern of finding the perfect pair of waders that fit appropriately. The pant legs might be the perfect length, but the boots could be too big. Or, maybe the boots fit, but the pant legs are saggy.

With stocking foot waders, boots aren’t an issue. You have to buy your boots separately, but you don’t have to worry about finding a pair of waders that fit perfectly everywhere.

You can have your good-fitting waders and good-fitting boots at the same time. With stocking foot waders, you could wear sneakers if you wanted to, as long as they’re able to protect your feet.

The downside of stocking foot waders is that they’re difficult to put on since you have to fit your feet into boots afterward. You also have to remember to grab your boots since they’re not attached.

Overall, there aren’t too many downsides compared to the boot waders, but your personal preference will be the deciding factor.

Boot foot Waders

  • Convenient
  • Simple
  • Prone to leaking
  • Difficult to find the perfect fit

Stocking Foot Waders

  • Wear any boot you want
  • Boots purchased separately
  • Easier to find a good fit

The Best Surf Fishing Waders

Now that you have an idea of what kind of surf fishing wader is best for you, here are the top picks of 2020 that you won’t want to miss. Remember that while all are great choices, your preferences will affect which pair you choose. 

Top Pick for Adults: 

Paramount Outdoors EAG Elite

Sizes AvailableUnisex Small – 3X
MaterialBreathable fabric
Belt Included?Yes
Boot or Stocking FootStocking foot
Best Feature7 pockets

The Paramount Outdoors EAG EliteOpens in a new tab. is high-quality and durable. It’s assured to last you a long time. The breathable fabric and stocking foot style are sure to make it comfortable to wear with whatever shoe you choose. The stocking feet are made of neoprene, so your feet are sure to stay warm in cold conditions. 

The best part of this chest-high wader is the seven pockets it comes with. There’s plenty of space for all of your gear, and there’s even a hidden pocket on the inside of the wader that will keep your phone safe and dry.

This is our top pick because it’s durable, waterproof, and is made with great quality. The sizes are unisex, so they will easily fit anyone.

Frogg Toggs Hellbender Breathable Stockingfoot Chest Wader

Sizes AvailableMen’s Small – 2X
Belt Included?Yes
Boot or Stocking FootStocking foot
Best FeatureDouble-reinforced knees

Frogg Toggs Hellbender Breathable Stockingfoot Chest WaderOpens in a new tab. is sure to be comfortable with the nylon material it’s made with.

It includes a big pocket in the chest so you can keep your small fishing gear with you at all times and not worry about carrying a tackle box with you if you decide to venture out further into the water.

The downside to nylon fabric is that nylon isn’t completely waterproof, so you might experience water seeping through. 

This wader has handy handwarmer pockets. It’s important to keep your hands warm, and these pockets will help you do just that. Bring along your own hand warmer to increase the amount of heat.

Since the pockets zip, you can keep the heat contained for a longer time. The stocking feet on this wader are made of neoprene, so your feet will be warm.

The best feature of this wader is the double-reinforced knees. The material is thicker and more durable around the knees, so they can act as knee pads to protect you if you have to get down on your knees. Litter and critters can be rough on your knees, but these waders will help protect you.

Foxelli Neoprene Chest Waders

Sizes AvailableMen’s 7 – 14
Belt Included?Yes
Boot or Stocking FootBoot
Best FeatureSeveral ways to carry your belongings

This neoprene chest-high waderOpens in a new tab. is sure to keep you warm and dry. Neoprene is waterproof, and since the boots are attached to the pants with double-stitched seams, water won’t be able to get in unless the seams tear.

Neoprene is also insulated, so if you plan to do all your surf fishing in the summer, you might find that this warm wader is too hot.

The numerous ways to carry your belongings with you are what make this wader such a great value.

D-rings are located near the suspenders, and carabiners are attached to the belt, so you can hook your gear onto you in multiple places. 

You can keep your small objects in the inside pocket, and since neoprene is waterproof, you can safely keep your phone inside. The chest pocket is also great for small objects, but it also functions as a hand warmer. 

TideWe Bootfoot Chest Wader

Sizes AvailableMen’s 5 – 14 / Women’s 7 – 12
MaterialNylon and PVC
Belt Included?Yes
Boot or Stocking FootBoot
Best FeatureDrying hanger included

This waderOpens in a new tab. is on the cheaper side, but it still works great for its price. The 2-ply nylon and PVC material makes this wader a waterproof option, so you can be sure to stay dry.

The adjustable belt will allow you to tighten it as needed, which will help you keep water out. The boots are welded to the pants with heat, so stitches can’t break and let water in.

It comes with a single pocket and doesn’t offer much storage space compared to other recommended waders. Some users say it doesn’t keep you warm, but it’s roomy enough to wear extra layers underneath if necessary.

This is probably the best option if you’re going to fish in the summer since staying warm won’t be an issue.

The handy feature with this wader is that it comes with a drying hanger and a waterproof case to keep your phone in.

You won’t have to worry about where to dry your wader if you’re out in nature – simply hang it from a tree. With the waterproof case, you’ll be able to store your phone in the pocket and keep it dry.

OXYVAN Waders Waterproof Lightweight Fishing Waders

Sizes AvailableMen’s 7 – 13 / Women’s 7 – 12
MaterialNeoprene, nylon, and PVC
Belt Included?Yes
Boot or Stocking FootBoot
Best FeatureSkidproof PVC soles

This wader is budget-friendly but doesn’t compromise quality. The material is a mix of neoprene, nylon, and PVC, so it’s durable and waterproof and is perfect for surf fishing.

The PVC soles are thick and heavy-duty. They’re made to prevent slipping, so you can dig your feet into the sand and stay in place. The boots are attached to the pants with heat, so there are no leakages.

The only downside is the lack of pockets. It has one pocket on the inside to keep your things in. You might need to keep a tackle box with you if you get this pair if you need to keep many supplies.

Hodgman Caster Neoprene Cleated Bootfoot Chest Waders

Sizes AvailableMen’s 7 – 13
Belt Included?No
Boot or Stocking FootBoot
Best FeatureCleated boots

This simplistic wader has everything you need without going over the top. It has a fleece-lined pocket on the chest to warm your hands and an inner pocket for smaller items.

It has D-loops so you can hook your gear onto them. The knees are reinforced to help you comfortably bend down onto your knees. 

Like the other neoprene waders, these will keep you warm and dry. The boots are attached, and most importantly, they have cleats on the bottom.

Cleats are perfect for staying stable in the water as you reel in a big fish. If you have to walk across muddy areas to get to your favorite fishing spot, these cleated boots would be ideal.

It should be noted that this wader doesn’t include a belt. Although belts aren’t necessary, they’re preferred because they help keep the wader in place and prevent water from seeping in from the top.

Belts can be purchased separately, but there won’t be any loopholes to secure the belt with.

Compass 360 Deadfall Breathable STFT Chest Wader

Sizes AvailableUnisex Small – 2X
MaterialBreathable fabric
Belt Included?Yes
Boot or Stocking FootStocking
Best FeatureGravel guards

This wader is made with a breathableOpens in a new tab., waterproof fabric. You’ll be able to keep water out and not overheat.

These will keep you warm or cool, so they’re great to use all year long. Since they’re a stocking foot wader, you’ll need to purchase the boots separately.

This wader has a couple of pockets, D-loops, and reinforced shins and knees. Best of all, it has a gravel guard on the inside of the pants.

If gravel enters from the top, they can go down to the ankle, but they won’t land in the stocking feet.

If gravel lands in the foot of your wader, it can be physically painful and painfully annoying to try to get out. Fortunately, you won’t have that problem with this wader.

Dark Lightning Fly Fishing Waders

Sizes AvailableMen’s 5 – 14 / Women’s 7 – 12
MaterialNylon-reinforced PVC
Belt Included?Yes
Boot or Stocking FootBoot
Best FeatureWaterproof by reinforced seams

This wader by Dark Lightning Opens in a new guaranteed to keep you dry. If you’ve ever had leakage problems with waders you’ve used in the past, this would be a great option.

They’re guaranteed to be waterproof because the seams are sealed with tape twice. They’re tested by being filled up with air. No air leaks mean no water leaks.

This wader includes the standard features of an inside pocket and an outside pocket.

Several reviewers suggest buying a size up because it feels a little tight when they sit down.

However, the boot size might be too big if you order a size up, but wearing thick socks usually solves that issue.

Because this wader is so waterproof, it might get a little hot if you wear them in the summer.

Despite these few complaints, they’re a great wader because of the price and how waterproof they are.

FISHINGSIR Fishing Chest Waders

Sizes AvailableMen’s 7 – 13 / Women’s 9 – 12
MaterialNylon and PVC
Belt Included?Yes
Boot or Stocking FootBoot
Best FeatureDrawstring on chest

This waderOpens in a new tab. is waterproof thanks to the nylon and PVC material it’s made out of. The best feature of this wader is the drawstring that’s located at the top of the chest.

Tighten it up for an extra layer of protection against water. You can also tighten the belt to keep water out of your wader.

The boots are made of rubber which can be both good and bad. It’s good because it’s sturdy and will be able to endure some damage.

However, rubber is known to crack when it gets old, which will cause leaking.

If you don’t notice the crack, you risk having a soggy fishing trip. Despite this, they’re worth trying for their affordable price.

KOMEX Chest Waders

Sizes AvailableMen’s 9 – 13 / Women’s 11 – 15
Belt Included?Yes
Boot or Stocking FootBoot
Best FeatureLightweight

If you’re looking for a lightweight waderOpens in a new tab., so you don’t have to struggle with it, this is the wader for you.

The breathable nylon material is light compared to other materials, so it isn’t difficult to put on or carry around in your backpack.

In the rare event that it gets water inside, it shouldn’t feel too heavy since there isn’t much weight to it already.

This wader includes one pocket and adjustable suspenders, and a belt. It’s completely waterproof and has a drawstring at the top of the chest to ensure water stays out of it.

While it’s lightweight and affordable, it lacks a few features like extra pockets and insulation.

Compass 360 Tailwater Stockingfoot Breathable Chest Wader

Sizes AvailableMen’s Small – XXL (6 – 15)
MaterialBreathable fabric
Belt Included?Yes
Boot or Stocking FootStocking foot
Best FeatureBig pockets

The Compas 360 TailwaterOpens in a new tab. is perfect if you have several items, you need to carry with you. It has a big pocket that can be accessed from the left and right, a big zippered pocket, and an inside pocket that flips over to the front.

The inner pocket is a great space to put your phone or other small electronic devices, and the outside pocket is great for small gear or to keep your hands warm.

The outside pocket is made with mesh, so you shouldn’t try to put electronics in it.

The lower legs are made with 6-ply fabric for extra protection to keep you safe from rough surfaces.

They also feature gravel guards that will prevent gravel and debris from going into your stocking feet.

This wader will keep you fairly warm in the winter, but you might want to bulk up with some extra layers underneath.

RUNCL Chest Waders

Sizes AvailableMen’s 5 – 14 / Women’s 7 – 13
MaterialNylon and PVC
Belt Included?Yes
Boot or Stocking FootBoot
Best FeatureRemovable foam board

One of the biggest problems with surf fishing is keeping your personal belongings handy. Since you’re standing in the water, you can’t leave your personal items on the beach because you risk it being washed away in the waves.

This wader fixes that problem. It has multiple pockets that you can use to put your lure keys or wallet or some fishing tools and accessories.

The foam board is on the outside, so it’s safe to use. It has plenty of room for multiple hooks and lures.

This wader has a big chest pocket, perfect for your gear and personal belongings, as well as an inside pocket that flips over to the outside.

The sides of the wader come up to the underarm to make sure no water gets in. These were made with surf fishing in mind.

Top Pick for Kids: 

TideWe Chest Waders for Toddler & Children

Sizes AvailableToddler’s 2T – 3T / Kids’ 4 – 15
Belt Included?Yes
Boot or Stocking FootBoot
Best FeatureHeavy-duty boots

Even children can enjoy the fun of surf fishing. Keep them safe by providing them with a wader made for kids.

This is our top pick for children because it has the same great features that adult waders have.

This wader includes adjustable suspenders and a belt and waterproof material. It also has a pocket that can be used as a hand warmer and reinforced knee pads.

The best feature of this wader is the safety feature of the boots. They include slip-resistant cleats and thick material around the heels and toes to prevent damage.

The protection is on both the top and bottom of the toes and heels, so a dropped rock or fall won’t cause too much harm. The boots are sealed to the pants with heat, so water can’t get into them.

8 Fans Kid’s Bootfoot Lightweight Chest Waders

Sizes AvailableKids’ 8 – 13, 1 – 3
Belt Included?No
Boot or Stocking FootBoot
Best FeatureSize adjustment buckle

Available in pink or blue, this wader for children is fully adjustable. It has adjustable suspenders and an extra side buckle that will make the wader looser or tighter around the chest.

With this feature, you could probably purchase a little bigger than what your child needs so they can have some room to grow in it.

This wader is made of a nylon and PVC material, so water can’t seep through. They’re chest-high, and the boots are attached so water can’t get through the top or the bottom.

It doesn’t include a belt, so you might want to purchase one separately for extra protection against water getting in. Also, note that this one doesn’t come with any pockets.


All of the waders in this article are highly recommended. Although top picks are given, your personal preferences should determine which one you choose.

Waders are meant to protect you and keep you dry, so you should choose one that will do just that. 

Remember that boot waders can be more difficult to get sized correctly while stocking foot waders will require you to purchase boots separately.

You can use sneakers with stocking foot waders, but they won’t offer as much protection as boots can.

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