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How Much Does A Fishing License Cost in Florida?

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Florida has been called the fishing capital of the worldOpens in a new tab. numerous times because of the amount of trophy-sized fish pulled out of its waters. It is no wonder that Florida is one of the most prominent fishing destinations in the nation. 

Whether you live in the state or not, a fishing trip can be planned that will be a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Part of that planning will be one of the first starting points of the process, which is answering the question of how much is a fishing license in Florida.

Currently, the price of a fishing license in Florida will depend primarily on whether you are a resident or just visiting. If you are a resident, you can pay $32.50 for the combination license that allows freshwater and saltwater fishing. For a non-resident, you are looking at $47.00 for each of them or $94.00 for both.

The main costs of a fishing license are for a full year of fishing, starting from the moment you purchase it. You must remember, though, that many more options are available, especially if you are a resident. Let’s dig into this deeper, so you understand the costs associated with a Florida fishing license.

Who Needs a Fishing License in Florida?

Florida Game Wardens do not mess around when enforcing the laws regarding anglers having the correct fishing license. That means the correct one because there are two available, and they are both separate fishing areas. If you like to fish, you can have a freshwater license, a saltwater license, or both.

However, if you are 16 or older in Florida, you will need a fishing license. Some exceptions will be gone over shortly, but if in doubt, purchase the license to be safe. You want to avoid coming across a Fish Warden and trying to explain why you chose not to get a permit.

As a Florida resident, you will pay much lower prices than you would if you were a non-resident, and many more options are available. If you have been raised in the area, you will not have any problems showing that you are a resident. On the other hand, if you have just moved to the state, you may not qualify for the resident rates.

Requirements To Be a Florida Citizen

The government sets no specific requirements to be a Florida resident, but there are some stipulations regarding obtaining a fishing license. 

If you are new to the area, you will need to work on obtaining a few things to prove that you are a Florida residentOpens in a new tab.. Plus, you will also have to meet the requirements set forth by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

  • You must declare that you are a Florida resident and prove it.
  • Active duty in the military stationed in Florida.

That may seem easy, but you must have the proper documents to prove that you are a Florida resident.

  • Florida Driver’s License/State ID – You will need to show a picture ID, such as a driver’s license or ID for Florida. It must display a current residency verified by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV).
  • Military Orders – You can use a copy of your military orders showing that you have been stationed in Florida or that the relative you are living with has been set up in the state.

Some options are available if you do not have a Florida driver’s license, state ID, or military orders.

  • Current Florida voter registration card
  • Declaration of domicile (obtained from the county clerk’s office).
  • Florida homestead exemption

Landowner certification is no longer accepted as proof of residency, so don’t expect it to work. There are two more options available for minors: children under the age of 18.

  • School Id card
  • Proof of parent’s address and license information

As a minor, you must have one of your parents or legal guardians go with you when getting the Florida fishing license. This is because, as a minor, you are not allowed to sign your name on a legally binding document, such as a fishing license.

Florida Fishing License Costs For Residents

The great thing about being a Florida resident is that you have many options regarding a fishing license. You can even pay a one-time fee to obtain a fishing license that does not expire. 

It is good from the point of purchase until you pass away. Until then, you can be out fishing whenever you want until you are too frail to cast a pole.

Freshwater 1-year fishing license$17.00
Saltwater 1-year fishing license$17.00
Freshwater 5-year fishing license$79.00
Saltwater 5-year fishing license$79.00
Saltwater 1-year fishing license from the shore$0.00
Combination of 1-year fishing license$32.50
Combination 2-year license for disabled people$0.00
Combination 5-year license for disabled people$0.00
1-year Sportsman’s license$80.50
1-year silver Sportmans license for 64+$13.50
5-year silver Sportsman’s license for 64+$61.50
1-year gold Sportsman’s license$100.00
5-year gold Sportsman’s license$494.00
1-year Military gold Sportsman’s license$20.00

One of the best things about being a resident in Florida is that you can purchase a lifetime fishing license, starting when you are a young child, to your senior citizen years.

Age 4 and younger lifetime saltwater license$126.50
Ages 5 to 12-lifetime saltwater license$226.50
Ages 13 and up lifetime saltwater license$301.50
Ages 4 and younger have freshwater fishing license$126.50
Ages 5 to 12-lifetime freshwater fishing license$226.50
Ages 13 and up lifetime freshwater fishing license$301.50
Ages 4 and younger lifetime gold Sportman’s license$401.50
Ages 5 to 12-lifetime gold Sportsman’s license$701.50
Ages 13 and older gold Sportsman’s license$1001.50

Florida residents have many options for fishing (and hunting) licenses, even for younger children. It is truly a fishing paradise for all the anglers that live in the state. It is a wonder that any work gets done because fishing is prevalent throughout Florida.

Florida Fishing License Costs for Non-Residents

Florida is a premier destination for anglers from all around the world. Some of the biggest fish ever recorded being caught have come from Florida shores. Nothing is more exciting than catching a fish that is as big as you or even bigger. As a non-resident, you have the right to fish the Florida waters, but it will cost you more than if you were a resident.

3-day saltwater fishing license$17.00
5-day saltwater fishing license$30.00
1-year saltwater fishing license$47.00
3-day freshwater fishing license$17.00
5-day freshwater fishing license$30.00
1-year freshwater fishing license$47.00

 That is it. Those are the only options if you are coming to fish in Florida from out of the state. Non-resident anglers do not have nearly the options that a resident does, but that is why it pays to hang your hat within the state boundaries.

Can You Ever Fish Without a License?

One thing that most of the states in the country do is offer some free fishing days. They also give disabled people that cannot afford to buy license-free access to fishing licenses for both fresh and saltwater fishing. Let’s look at all the times you can fish for free, but before going out, double-check to ensure you have the right to do so.

First consecutive Saturday and Sunday in AprilFirst consecutive Saturday and Sunday in June
First consecutive Saturday and Sunday in JuneFirst Saturday in September
Yearly when disabledSaturday following Thanksgiving
Youths under 16Yearly when disabled
Adults 65 or olderYouths under 16
 Adults 65 or older
 Fishing from the shore

 If you are not an avid angler, you have ways to get a fishing hook in the water for a short time. These free days are created to allow people to fish without spending a large portion of their income on licensing fees. Senior citizens and children are free if they can prove residency.

Florida Fishing License Extra Fees

Florida is a state that offers anglers of all ages and levels a way to catch some good-sized fish. Your basic fishing license covers the primary fish caught in the seas and freshwater sites. You may be interested in going after other species of fish, and other critters, so you need to know what the licenses and permits will cost you.

  • Snook – For residents planning to keep a snook, instead of releasing it, you will need to pay a yearly fee of $10 or a five-year fee of $50.00. This allows you to keep one during the open snook fishing season.
  • Tarpon – Tarpons are only caught and released unless you have purchased a permit. For one year, it will cost you $51.50 to be able to keep one fish.
  • Spiny Lobster – If hunting for lobsters as a resident is more your style, you can get a permit to make it legal. It will run you $5.00 for a year and $25.00 for five years.

These three permits will allow you to fish for anything you feel like catching, and you may be able to beat some of the current fishing records on the books. That is the point of getting a permit to keep one fish. If you catch something small, release it back to the water so it can grow bigger, and keep trying to get the monster of a lifetime on the end of your line.

Where To Buy a Florida Fishing License

The great thing about the world, being in the middle of a technological era is that you can do almost anything online now, including buying a fishing license. Now that you completely understand the fishing license requirements, a common question may cross your mind. 

Where can you purchase a fishing license in the state of Florida?

  • You can get fishing licenses and fishing license packs online through the Go Outdoors FloridaOpens in a new tab. website.
  • You can go in person to your favorite fishing outlet store.
  • You can go to the closest retail giant, such as Walmart.
  • You can go to the local tax collector’s office.

It does not take much looking around to find a place that will sell you a fishing license as long as you are in the system or have the proper documentation. The most cost-effective way to get any fishing license is to go to the tax collector’s location, but for a few more bucks, you can go to one of the faster, more familiar places you like to frequent.

What Can Be Done If You Lose Your Florida Fishing License?

Sometimes things happen, and you need a replacement fishing license. Maybe it went through the wash, or it fell to the bottom of the lake while you were out on the boat. No matter the reason, Florida has made it easy to get a replacement.

  • Go to any outlet that sells fishing licenses, and they can look you up in the system. For a paper copy, it will cost $2.50. If you are replacing a hard card, you will have to pay $5.00 for the annual and 5-year cards, with the lifetime card running you $10.00
  • You can go to the local tax collector’s office and get a replacement, the same as you would at the retail store, for the same prices.
  • You can go online and download a copy of your license onto the app that you can have on your mobile device.

Having the app downloaded on your phone is the best way to save a copy of your licenses (which you should always be doing). You can always show a warden your card on the app to save you the trouble of carrying your paper copy around. And if you lose your phone, you can download the app and gain access back to your account.

What Factors Determine the Cost of a Fishing License in Different States?

The cost of a fishing license in different states varies based on several factors, including the type of fishing (freshwater vs. saltwater), length of the license (annual vs. daily), and residency status. For example, the California fishing license costOpens in a new tab. is influenced by these factors, as well as additional fees for special permits.


It is a simple process to obtain a fishing license in Florida. If you are a resident, it will cost you very little cash to be able to go out and get your fishing line in the water. As a non-resident, it will cost you a little more, and you will have fewer options available, but when you think about the fish waiting to be caught, it is more than worth the money.

The most important thing to remember is to know what type of fishing license you are looking to buy. If you use the online option above, you will see that you can get several different packages that offer you the things you want while leaving the things you do not wish to have included. You need to analyze your specific needs and go with what works best for you.


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