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How To Buy The Best Multitool For Fishing? Top 6 List

multitool for fishing
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When choosing the best multitool for fishing, the sheer number of options can be daunting. You know you need one. They are useful little things to have. But which one do you go for? And more importantly, what features do you need? If you wonder about all that, you are in the right place.

If I had to go with one, my favorite pick would be the tried and tested LEATHERMAN Super Tool 300Opens in a new tab.. They nailed everything on this one. It has 19 tools to start with! That is a lot if you ask me. Plus, it is very comfortable to hold with gloves on and fairly lightweight.

You do not have to go with my choice, though. In this article, I have rounded up five more of the top choices on the market. If your needs are different, you will find just the right one for yourself. Let’s get started, then.

6 Best Multitool For Fishing 

Choosing the perfect multitool can be tricky. Especially if you are inexperienced. And even for seasoned surf fishing enthusiasts, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. Here are the only six you need to care about. 

1. LEATHERMAN, Super Tool 300

LEATHERMAN, Super Tool 300 Multitool with Premium Replaceable Wire Cutters and Saw, Stainless Steel with Nylon Sheath

Leatherman kicks off the review with their Super Tool 300Opens in a new tab.. It has 19 tools to choose from. Yes, you read that right, 19! This has to be one of the top multitools you can get and is certainly my favorite pick of the six here.

This multitool is built to last and perform from the handle to the overall build quality. It is specially designed to be comfortable to hold when wearing gloves. These small things separate the top from the rest. That is not something I can say for everyone out there. 

All the essential and most commonly used tools, like pliers, knives, screwdrivers, crimpers, wire cutters, and even wire strippers, are present. I REALLY MEANT IT when I said it should come in handy in many conditions. 

There is a cool little locking feature. That means most tools will lock up when you open them. That eliminates all chances of the tool closing in during use. One particular tool is an exception, though—the pliers head does not lock. So, keep that in mind.

This one from the guys over at LEATHERMAN simply knocked it out of the park. It features many useful tools with the superb build quality and comfortability. What else could you ask for?


  • 19 different tools
  • Cool locking features
  • Easy to hold with gloves
  • Attractive design and color finish


  • A bit pricey
LEATHERMAN, Super Tool 300 Multitool with Premium Replaceable Wire Cutters and Saw, Stainless Steel with Nylon Sheath

2. Gerber Gear 22-01471N

Gerber Gear 22-01471N Suspension Needle Nose Pliers Multitool Multi-Plier with Nylon Sheath, Gray

Gerber, with their 22-01471N multitoolOpens in a new tab., takes the second spot. This one is, hands down, one of the well-reviewed multitools. It is a well-known brand, and the best thing about it is the customer sentiment it inspires. So, what makes it so special?

The first thing you will notice is its versatility. With 12 integrated tools in a convenient butterfly design, it is not only easy to use but very practical. You will find the perfect tool for almost all the scenarios you might face when surf fishing.

The impressive stuff does not stop here. There are spring-loaded pliers, blades, and more. Despite being very well-built, it is not that heavy, either. So, you basically get the best of both worlds here. And no one can complain about that. 

Gerber made sure to pay attention to the small details. For example, you get a ballistic nylon sheath for conveniently storing the multitool away when you are not using it. The sheath also means staying pristine for longer since you do not need to keep it exposed.

However, the sheath itself is a small gripe of mine. It is not the best quality. But that is a very minor thing. At the very least, you get something to keep the multitool in.


  • Durable build
  • Lightweight 
  • Comes with convenient sheath 
  • 12 different tools


  • Sub-par sheath quality
Gerber Gear 22-01471N Suspension Needle Nose Pliers Multitool Multi-Plier with Nylon Sheath, Gray

3. LEATHERMAN Skeletool

LEATHERMAN, Skeletool CX Lightweight Multitool with Pliers, Knife and Bottle Opener, Stainless Steel

Let me end the suspense right here. Leatherman makes another appearance with their Skeletool lightweight multitoolOpens in a new tab.. They took my favorite spot with one of their offerings. And something tells me that this will be impressive as well. Yes, this is a great option for anyone looking for a very lightweight option. 

For starters, the build is phenomenal. It comes in at only 5 ounces. That is impressive for a well-built multitool and comes with many different tools. It is made from stainless steel. Not only does that give you the robustness of steel itself, but being stainless should keep rust at bay. 

Daily wear and tear should not be much of a problem. Of course, you need to ensure that you use it properly. But that is for something later on. Keeping it safe even further is the nylon sheath. 

I love nylon sheaths as they give you a convenient way to store this multitool without worrying about damaging it or anything else around it. As for the tools here, you get seven different useful tools.-

Now, I know what you may be thinking. 7 is not the highest one on this list. That is very true. But given how lightweight this is, having 7 tools is a big deal. 


  • Easy one-hand access
  • Stainless build
  • Nylon sheath 
  • Lightweight and durable


  • No spring-action pliers
LEATHERMAN, Skeletool CX Lightweight Multitool with Pliers, Knife and Bottle Opener, Stainless Steel

4. GERBER MP600 Multi-Plier

The first thing that will strike you about this one is its sleek aesthetic. It is completely blacked out. That makes it look very professional and, honestly, super cool. You almost feel like Batman with all his all-blacked-out gear. Well, maybe not quite, but you get the point. 

Anyway, how is the performance? There is good news, and there is some bad news. The good news is that the build, comfort, and tool options are here, and they are fantastic. Gerber’s MP600 is made from solid stainless steel.

That means it is just as durable as any other multitool on this list. You can also get replaceable wire cutters when they eventually wear out. This will increase its longevity even further. They are tungsten carbide wire cutters if you are wondering. 

Now let’s get onto the main show, the tools. There are 12 tools in this compact and sleekly designed package. All in all, you should not have any trouble using this one.

The wide range of tools will give you versatility and should come in handy in any surf fishing scenario.

You get all the essentials, including Phillips’s driver, a file, RemGrit saw, cutters, flat drivers, needle nose pliers, and more. So, what is the bad news? It is not a major one.

The saw is a bit flimsy. A slightly more robust and thicker saw would have been awesome. But I think that would have increased the weight as well. Guess you cannot have it all.


  • Durable construction 
  • Easy to hold and use
  • 12 tools in 1 
  • The cool and stealthy look


  • Flimsy saw
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5. LEATHERMAN Style PS Keychain Multitool

LEATHERMAN, Style PS Keychain Multitool with Spring-Action Scissors and Grooming Tools, Built in the USA, Black

How about some flare to go with the utility? The last one on this list is also from LEATHERMAN. Their Style PS Keychain multitoolOpens in a new tab. may not have the stealthy black finish like the previous one.

But it has a lot of personality and little details that make it a cool and, dare I say hip multitool. 

It is a small and compact multitool that contains eight tools in one. 

You get things like a needle-nose plier, wire cutters, screwdrivers, scissors, and more. All the major and most commonly used tools you might need when surf fishing are present here.

The super compact size makes it very easy to just tuck it in your gear backpack. Or you can just use it as your EDC (everyday carry). It is small and light enough to fit comfortably inside a jacket pocket.

Did I mention it is keyring friendly as well? The keyring can be used to attach keys, which means you will pay extra attention to where you put this thing. You will also have a convenient (and useful) thing to attach your keys to! 

However, I think this one is best for beginner or intermediate surf fishing enthusiasts. While the feature list is impressive, an experienced surf fisher might lack some things. Regardless, this one is a solid choice. 


  • Very compact 
  • Has a key ring 
  • Cool designs
  • Durable


  • Not optimal for advanced surf fishers
LEATHERMAN, Style PS Keychain Multitool with Spring-Action Scissors and Grooming Tools, Built in the USA, Black

Can the Best Multitool for Fishing also be used for Surf Fishing?

Yes, the best multitool for fishing can certainly be used for surf fishing as well. With its range of functions, such as cutting, gripping, and hook removal, a multitool can be invaluable for surf fishing. Additionally, having the best surf fishing lineOpens in a new tab. is crucial for successful surf fishing.

What To Look for When Buying A Multitool For Surf Fishing?

Sometimes, just picking the top pick from a list is not the best route. Your needs might be different from others. You might need to match the product features with your specific needs. 

All the options in this list are from reputed names. And you should have no problem going with any of them. However, suppose you know what features to look out for specifically. In that case, it will help you make a more informed decision for your specific needs. 

Number of Tools

The number of tools you get is important. This one is a bit of a no-brainer. A “multitool” should have multiple tools. The higher the number, the better. I would not suggest you go with anything that has fewer than six or seven tools. 

A 6 or 7-in-1 multitool should be a good starting point to get you started in the right direction. And as you get more experienced, you can opt for more advanced tools with more versatility. The thing to remember here is to make sure the tools are something you need. If you have a specific tool in mind, double-check that it has that.

Durability and Materials

A multitool is an essential gear in any surf fishing enthusiast’s arsenal. You want it to last longer and be by your side. It needs to be reliable and perform when you need it to. That is why build quality and materials are important. 

With good materials like stainless steel and plastic, you get durability. You might raise an eyebrow when I say that I see the plastic as durable. But there are more nuances to it. Things like handles made from plastic are fine. But, of course, you would want steel for most of the tools.


Speaking of being reliable, you cannot ignore comfort. The last thing you want is a super durable multitool that is uncomfortable to use. Some multitools are also very difficult to use with one hand. 

Look out for an ergonomic design. This will ensure that you do not strain yourself and can get a good grip on it when you are using it. Some models make it easier to use even if you wear gloves. Those are a treat to use too.

Size and Weight 

Then there is the question of size and weight. In some cases, size will affect the number of tools a multitool has. Weight is also determined by size. The thing to remember here is that there are no right answers regarding size and weight.

You need to pick one that works for you. Do you want a light, compact one? Are you okay with sacrificing a few special tools that you might not need all the time for convenience? Or do you want a big and versatile one for the best performance? All these are important factors.

Do You Even Need a Multitool?

As a surf fishing enthusiast, you need your gear to perform. You might be asking yourself, “Do you even need a multitool in the first place?” A handy and capable multitool will be a great addition to your gear. 

If you are still skeptical about the actual advantages and reasons for getting one, here are some hard-to-ignore advantages of getting one:

It Is Convenient 

Convenience is one of the major reasons you should get yourself a multitool. You do not need to worry about separate tools for different jobs. Just grab one multitool, and it will have all the things you need.

The best part is that you can buy multitools with many tools. Some have 19, while others are more compact, with 6 to 7 tools built-in. 

Save You Money 

Who does not like saving money? With the right multitool, you can also save some money. Since you do not need to buy separate tools for every little thing, a well-known and reliable multitool will come in handy to save you cash. 

You can find them in different price ranges, from premium to budget options. They are perfect for both beginner and advanced level surf fishing. 

Portable And Easy Access

They are also pretty easy to access and portable. You can put them in your jacket pocket or gear bag and call it a day. When you need it, just whip it out and use the tool you need. Need to switch a tool? Guess what? It is right on the multitool you are holding. 

This usability is one of the coolest things. Many multitools come with a sheath or pouch for you to store them easily.


So, which one is the best multitool for fishing? My top pick is still the Leatherman Super Tool 300Opens in a new tab.. They are durable, fairly lightweight, and work great for beginners and experts. Leatherman sort of knocked it out of the park with this one.

There are 19 tools in 1. That is hands down one of the highest on this list. And even if you do not need all of them right now, you can have the peace of mind that, by chance, if you need a specific tool, it will always be there.

Plus, the Super Tool 300Opens in a new tab. is a durable one as well. It will last you a long time. Everything, coupled with the comfort and tool locking features, makes this one a no-brainer for me. 

However, there are five more you can choose from. My preferences might not be the same as yours. At the end of the day, just remember to get one that works for your specific needs.

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