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Best Line For Surf Fishing

Best Line For Surf Fishing
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Fishing lines may seem like a simple thing to buy, but the more you research them, the more complicated it seems to get.

A fishing line needs to do several things for you.

  • It should be easily castable at longer distances.
  • It should be sensitive enough to allow you to feel the slightest bites, taps, and pulls from the fish.
  • It should also be tough and long-lasting, especially when considering that we need a surf fishing line.

However, that is not all, and here I will walk you through some important details that will aid you better understand what your fishing line is both made of and capable of.

First, let’s start with defining some of the essential features a good surf fishing line needs to have.

What To Look For When Buying Surf Fishing Line

1. The Type of Fishing Line

You can generally find three types of fishing lines on the market today.

  • Monofilament fishing line

The monofilament (or mono) fishing line is the most commonly used and widely available.

One of the essential advantages of the mono fishing line is that it is very cheap and durable. It can endure a lot of abuse before breaking off due to abrasions.

Mono lines are more stretchable compared to the other types of fishing lines. Some anglers don’t like that as it can reduce the sensitivity of the line. And you may not be able to feel as good the tiny bites and strike indications from the fish.

Monofilament lines also sink a little slower. And when we compare to the other types of fishing lines of comparable strength levels, we will see that mono is usually with higher diameter.

A thicker line is usually not a very good thing as it can have some adverse effects on your fishing experience. Monolines also tend to have more memory.

  • Braided fishing line

Braided line is the other more widely used type of fishing line, but it is more expensive. In a way, you can almost consider the braided line to be the complete opposite of the mono.

It is much lighter and thinner compared to a monofilament line of the same strength.

It doesn’t stretch. That means that you will have a better sensitivity of the hook and the fish, and you will be able to drive in the hook a lot easier.

Since it is a lot thinner, you will be able to cast further with it. If the line tangling up is something that you want to avoid a braided line may be the right solution as it doesn’t have as much memory as the monoline.

I preferred braided line for my mainline. Ever since I got into surf fishing, I never use any other type of line. And I never have any issue with it.

  • Fluorocarbon fishing line

One of the biggest pros of fluorocarbon fishing lines is that they sink faster.

They tend to be durable and resistant to abrasions and UV light. Fluorocarbon lines also do not stretch as much as the mono so it will generally provide better sensitivity and feel.

It is also more difficult for the fish to see the fishing line because it is thinner and the material is usually see-through.

The downsides to the fluorocarbon fishing lines are that it is more expensive compared to mono and stiffer.

Because of this, a lot of anglers prefer to use fluorocarbon as a leader line instead of filling up the whole spool with it.

Here’s an in-depth article about Monofilament, Fluorocarbon, and Braided line. Here I breakdown all the pros and cons of each line.

2. Fishing Line Strength

The strength of the line or its pound test is the other significant aspect that you need to keep in mind every time you are buying a fishing line.

Each fishing line will have a label with its pound test or breaking point. This measurement will be in pounds (for example, 20-lbs).

That is a general suggestion on how much force it can withstand before breaking. I want to stress again on the fact that this is not a number that is set in stone. Every line can break at lower stress levels due to numerous factors.

When determining the right fishing line strength, you need the answer to the following questions:

  • What type of fish are you looking to catch?
  • Where are you going to be fishing?
  • What fishing rod and reel are you going to be using?
  • What are the expected weather conditions in which you will be fishing?

Generally, for saltwater and surf fishing, the preferred fishing lines can vary between 20 to 50 and even more test pounds depending on the fish species you will be after.

3. Fishing Line Size

A thicker fishing line can inhibit your ability in some cases. Generally speaking, a thicker fishing line has certain drawbacks such as:

  • The line doesn’t cast as far.
  • The fish can see it more easily.
  • You cannot fit as much line on the spool.
  • It is more easily affected by the elements.

4. Fishing Line Color

Another thing to consider when buying a fishing line is its colorOpens in a new tab.. At first, it may seem like the color doesn’t matter. When we are talking about surf fishing, it is recommended to use a clearer or more hidden kind of fishing line.

The lower the visibility of the line, the better. This is especially true for fish like Striped bass, Surfperch and, other species which may be hard to catch with lines that are easy to see.

Here’s My Two Recommended Braided Line For Surf Fishing

1. KastKing KastPro Braided Fishing Line

KastKing is well-known for its excellent fishing products and equipment. So it may not be a surprise to you that this is another KastKing fishing line.

This fishing lineOpens in a new tab. aims to offer excellent castability combined with exceptional durability. They are making it ideal for any beginner or more experienced angler that does surf fishing and wants to step up their game.

It does come in various sizes, lengths, and test pounds, so there is going to be something for everybody here.


  • It offers long casting distances.
  • It is durable and abrasion-resistant.
  • Color coating of the line and life has improved


  • A little bit pricey.

Features and Benefits

1. Extra Toughness

I like how KastKing is marketing this fishing line as “aggressive.” And it is one of the most robust fishing lines I have used in a while. And this makes it suitable for different fishing conditions.

For surf fishing, having this extra toughness and resistance is always a good thing. Especially if you are fishing near vegetation, underwater rocks or even if there is heavy cover it will still perform well.

So, this is a four-strand braided fishing lineOpens in a new tab..

Usually when we are talking about braided lines – the more strands, the better the fishing line is. A four-strand fishing line is not a bad number, and because of the unique technology used behind its manufacture, KastKing is saying that it even outperforms eight-braided lines.

2. No Memory

One of the great advantages of the braided lines is that they do not have any memory.

The result of this is that you will have a much easier time casting further into the water, and the risk of having wind knots is low.

Definitely two things any surf fisherman will appreciate.

3. The Coating

Another reason I like KastKing is that they usually pay attention to the little details. Their coating is making the line not just more abrasion resistant, but it is also making the color last much longer without it fading as fast.

Another useful aspect of the coating is that it is making the line feel smooth and it will not damage the guides of your fishing rod. I’ve been using my Kastking KastPro braided lineOpens in a new tab. for at least three years now and, still has the same color when I bought it brand new.

Click here for more information and current priceOpens in a new tab. on Amazon.

2. Kastking Extremus Braided Line

With this braided fishing lineOpens in a new tab., KastKing aims to provide you with one complete product that is suitable for the toughest of fishing conditions.

This braided line from KastKing is suitable for almost all fishing conditions and setups.


  • It has a thin diameter;
  • It is very sensitive;
  • It is long-lasting with high abrasion resistance; and
  • It is less stretchable.


  • Fish can see it

Reason Why I Like KastKing Extremus Braided Line

This braided line from KastKingOpens in a new tab. performs exceptionally well, in my opinion. KastKing delivered a fishing line that exceeded my expectations.

1. No Stretch

Braided fishing lines usually have less stretch to them compared to the monofilament lines. Less stretch equals better sensitivity. When you want to set the hook, it will happen very quickly, unlike what happens with monolines.

Many professional anglers would consider this to be an advantage. It allows you to have a better feeling for what is happening with the fish on the other end of the line.

The less the stretch, the better you will be able to feel the smallest hits from the fish. And if you are into finesse fishing a braided line perfectly suitable to do the job.

I like to combine this braided line with a fluorocarbon leader to make one very powerful and sensitive combination.

The other reason why I use a leader line is that fish can easily spot the braided line in the water. A fluoro leader is an easy fix for that.

2. Easy Casting


Covering more water is especially crucial in surf fishing. Many anglers like to cast further into the water past the edge of the surf line. Although deeper water doesn’t always correlate with bigger fish, this braided line from will have you covered either way.

Wind knots have been a frequent problem with braided lines. I am pleased to say that so far I haven’t experienced any wind knots with this line.

3. Long-Lasting

Braided fishing lines, in general, have a higher abrasion resistance. And this line from KastKing is made with four strands of fiber that is making it extra tough and suitable for all fishing conditions.

The extra abrasion resistance provided by the “Diamond Weave” technology KastKing uses is ideal for fishing in place with a lot of vegetation and massive structure. It can serve you well for a long time; in some cases even a few years

Another thing that gives this line a long shelf life is its unique coating. KastKing uses what they call a “petroleum derivative” based layer that stops the line from absorbing water.

That prevents the fishing line from weakening. (A well-known problem with monolines.)

And Kastking Extremus braided lineOpens in a new tab. has excellent knot strength.

4. Thinner Diameter

Braided lines usually have a thinner diameter. That means you can place a higher test line on the fishing reel, which is great for surf fishing because it will allow you to use a regular-sized fishing reel.

I prefer the 30 lbs test line for surf fishingOpens in a new tab. which is significantly thinner than a 30 lbs mono.

5. It Has Zero Memory

Memory has always been a recurring issue with monofilament lines.

No angler likes a fishing line that stays in curls.

This braided line from KastKing has zero memory to it. As a result, this doesn’t just increase your casting distance but also makes tangling and bird nesting a lot less likely to happen.

Click here for more information and current priceOpens in a new tab. on Amazon.

Final Words

Fishing lines are not to be underestimated. I would recommend anybody who is new to fishing and in general to invest in better and higher quality fishing lines and hook first before worrying about buying the latest top of the line fishing rod or reel.

Even the best fishing rod and reel will not be able to bring back your fish if the lineOpens in a new tab. and the hook are of poor quality. Many anglers may focus on the rod and the reel more simply because they are the biggest and most visually pleasing and impactful items in any fishing tackle set.

However, as people have said it, the devil is in the details. Although small and simple at first the fishing line may be the secret sauce that you have been looking for.