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A Detailed Guide On Surf Fishing Kiawah Island

surf fishing kiawah island
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Kiawah Island is a beautiful home to hundreds of aquatic species. If you live near the Atlantic, you may have considered going fishing in Kiawah at some point in your life. Or, even if you live far away, fishing on Kiawah Island is on the checklist of most anglers! You’ll need a detailed guide to surf fishing on Kiawah Island for this.

Surf fishing in Kiawah is totally worth the bait! The saltwater and freshwater bodies hold many fish species from Tilapias, Cougars, Red Drums, and even Largemouths!

Suppose you intend to go fishing in Kiawah any time soon, first. In that case, you have to understand your scope and the options available to you. This article will explain all about your fishing adventures and what species you can catch there! So, to analyze all these facts in detail, please read the entire article!

Is Surf Fishing On Kiawah Island Worth It?

Yes, surf fishing on Kiawah Island is totally worth it! You can enjoy the beautiful views and the gifts of nature here and enjoy fishing at the same time. If you love fishing, this is definitely your gazebo for surf fishing!

Kiawah Island is a small area in Charleston County near the Atlantic Coast. It is one of the most beautiful private islands in the United States. Spending a night here during your holidays and surf fishing on the island sounds heavenly, right? However, the main attraction is the beautiful golf resort located here.

Moreover, the island has a tiny population. So, you can be here by yourself and enjoy your own company. Or you can come in groups to enjoy your fishing adventures! In particular, if you come here around fall, you can enjoy catching hundreds of species!

The critical question here is, how is it worth surfing fishing then? Many fishing charters can help you understand this. Let’s start with the Lil’ Darlin’ Charters. They are the best there! They offer you six-hour-long inshore fishing adventures with tours around. They can also give slots to about six people at a time.

Then, there are the Sonny Boy Charters. They have all sorts of fishing facilities, whether you want to go in or off the shore! 

Besides, people are always looking out for marinas. The Bohicket Marina is famous for boat riding, sightseeing, fishing, and all that you can do on the water! Basically, it would help if you drove by yourself here. But if you don’t want that, charters can always help you with that.

Next, you have Beachwalker Park. Pack your stuff and just plan a tour there! Basically, Kiawah Island is a very private place. But, the Beachwalker park is probably the only beach here that is open to all. Take your sunscreen, fishing equipment, food, and drink, and just jump into the waters to search for these aquatic emeralds!

The prime place to visit here is the Kiawah RiverOpens in a new tab.. There are two other rivers here – the Stono and the Folly. But the Kiawah has the most diversified ecosystemOpens in a new tab.. It offers you a wide range of fish and, at the same time, some delicious oysters too! 

However, if you are looking for something more posh or upmarket, there is the Bass Pond Fishing Dock. The main attractions of this place are its beauty and calmness.

All kinds of fishing are great on high tides. So, for the best fishing experience, keep an eye on the moon and the tide! The best way to enjoy yourself here is to have a nice meal made out of the fish you catch with friends and family on the beach! 

After a long day of surf fishing, sitting near a fire, and enjoying the meal with some drinks can take all the stress away! 

Kiawah Island has a lot to offer, even if your sole aim is to go surf fishing. So yeah, it is totally worth the time! Book your tickets to South Carolina now!

What Fishes Can You Catch In Kiawah?

As I have mentioned, there are abundant saltwater and freshwater species here in Kiawah. Just name a fish, and you will find it here! You can go for inshore, offshore, or nearshore fishing, however, you want.

Starting from regular Tilapias to big Trout, you have it all in the Kiawah! So, please read the next part to know about the fishes in detail! You need to have good knowledge about the various species and the nature of the water bodies here for your best fishing experiences.

Tilapias: They have silvery scales and look like regular Asian freshwater fish. You can find them in the brackish ponds too. They have a mild green tinge and some red hue in the tail. They prefer shallow waters and can weigh up to five pounds.

Grass Carp: It is one of the most familiar species in fishing. It has a little brownish vibe and is pretty large scale. They can be cumbersome and long. The biggest one you can catch here may weigh about 70 pounds.

They mainly depend on phytoplankton, especially aquatic weeds and small plants. So, it depends on your choice, whether you want to add it to your bucket list!

Largemouth Bass: it has black edges with some mild greenish scales. Under the surface, it is, however, white. It is more common in the midlands. They prey on fish and can even live on salamandersOpens in a new tab.! On average, they can weigh five pounds. So, they are definitely on your list now!

Whiting: Like its name, it is extremely white or greyish in color. They are popular saltwater species that can weigh up to three pounds! They taste delicious as well! Basically, they feed on shrimp and worms as they feed on zooplanktonOpens in a new tab.. They live at the bottom of the ecosystem here.

Menhaden: It is the easiest one to identify because of the most characteristic black spot behind the gills. The body is wide and long enough. It has a bright silver sheen to it and is quite oily. Besides, they are used as bait for other, bigger fish! You will find them in the brackish, ocean, and saltwater regions.

Sheepshead: It looks very prominent with its vertical black and silver stripes. It feeds on zooplankton and even snails! They have teeth like us humans! You will find them in brackish, salty water, the ocean, and creeks. 

Speckled Trout: It has spots over its silver-white body, especially on the sides. The highest it can weigh is about 10-12 pounds. The adult fishes feed on the small fish in the river. Besides, they are the most popular saltwater species in South Carolina.

Flounder: It has a deep brown body with white dots on it. So, they can be low-key predators, and they don’t weigh that much. It will feed on any small fish or shrimp it sees on its way! They are found in abundance in Saltwater, the ocean, creeks, etc.

Is Surf Fishing Safe and Productive After a Hurricane on Kiawah Island?

Surf fishing after a hurricaneOpens in a new tab. on Kiawah Island can be both safe and productive. While the storm may have changed the landscape, it can also bring in a variety of fish that were not previously accessible. However, it’s important to take precautions and avoid any hazardous areas.

Do You Need A License To Surf Fishing on Kiawah Island? 

You will hardly require a legal license for fishing in most places. But for surf fishing in saltwater, you need to have a license, even in Kiawah!

There are legal restrictions on those who can fish in saltwater areas. However, obtaining a license is not a tough nut to crack either. You need a license, especially in the creeks or on the ocean side, even if you are just up for inshore fishing.

There is always a helpline! Just make a phone call to the agency, and they will let you have the permit. The Bohicket Marina can help you with this. Or you may contact the Department of Natural ResourcesOpens in a new tab.


Kiawah Island is a highly enriched spot for fish lovers. It harbors several species of aquatic animals, more than any other island on the Atlantic coast! If you ask me about the fishes in detail, the list can keep going. 

But that’s all for now on Kiawah Island surf fishing! Now, it is time for you to see for yourself!

I hope this article helped you gain some perspective about why you should choose Kiawah Island for surf fishing. Thank you for reading the entire article with patience. Have fun fishing!

Zaldy G.

I love feeling the cool ocean spray every time I hit the beach with a rod and a bucket of bait. I love the thrill of feeling bites on my line whenever I hook a big one. And I especially love the pride that comes with cooking a fresh catch and sharing it with my friends and family. Thank you for stopping by. Let's go catch some fish!

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