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Texas Surf Fishing: Everything You Need To Know

surf fishing in texas
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Anyone who enjoys surf fishing anticipates a vacation to Texas. There are miles of beaches where you can go fishing. Some of the perks of Texas surf fishing include speckled trout, flounders, and the Texas Redfish.

To find success on your fishing trip, you have to make proper preparation. You have to know what time of the year is best for surf fishing in Texas. You also need to get the ideal saltwater fishing equipment. Beyond these, safety measures are also necessary. 

The following discussion is a short but complete guide for anyone planning a trip to the Texas beach. Increase your knowledge before you embark on your journey. 

Preparations For A Texas Surf Fishing Trip

The beaches of Texas are very popular with surf fishermen. The abundance and variance of different fish species make it one of the most ideal spots for surf fishing. 

However, Texas surf fishing success will depend on how well you prepare for the trip. So, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Ideal Surf Fishing Season In Texas

The last summer months are perfect for a surf fishing trip to Texas. At this time of year, the winds from the southeast push the green water onto the beach. 

You can expect to catch saltwater fish like flounders, speckled trout, and red drums during this season.

If you are planning a trip during this season, keep yourself updated with the weather forecast. There are various sources, like surf cams, tides charts, and different wave height predictions. All of these can be helpful. 

However, if these seem like too much trouble, just regularly check any online forums for fishermen. You can find plenty of valuable information here. 

What you will try to find is a couple of days of southeast wind, calm wave heights, and an incoming tide. The wind is essential. Because it pushes clear water onto the beach. And you need around two to three feet of visibility to find fish. 

Clearwater doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be crystal clear. There will be a sandy greenish hint to it. Combine this with calm, non-jumping waves and an incoming tide, and you have the perfect set-up for surf fishing.

Choosing Your Gear  

Surf fishing is pretty demanding when it comes to equipment. Not only is the fish pulling on your line, but the mighty ocean does too. So, you want to pack equipment that is strong and sturdy. 

The best fishing rods will be the ones that have single-shell bodies. This kind of fishing pole can withstand a lot of pressure. At the same time, single shell fishing rods (monocoque bodies) are lightweight and easy to handle. 

Make sure you get a specifically designed saltwater spinning reel. Otherwise, it will quickly lose its smoothness when exposed to the corrosive effects of saltwater. 

Moreover, the handle should be grip-friendly so that your hands don’t fatigue easily. Other than these, you will want a strong drag system. 

Choosing Your Wear

You might have seen an old-school surf fisherman rocking a pair of jeans. But that’s not a good idea. You want to wear something light and water-resistant. Otherwise, your pants will get heavy and extremely uncomfortable when they get wet.

The best pants for a Texas surf fishing trip will be made from material with nylon or similar materials. This will keep you safe from jellyfish, stingrays, or fishing hooks.

Lightweight waders will be best. Don’t forget to bring a hat and polarized sunglasses. Also, make sure your wading box has a shoulder strap. So that you can always have it by your side and easily reach into it when you need something. 

Where To Surf Fish In Texas?

The best place for surf fishing in Texas is the extent of the shore area between Galveston and Surfside. If you are catching fish here, you will want to stay in a hotel in the Houston Metro Area.

If you start from Surfside and keep going towards the Northeast, you will see miles after miles of water where you can fish. This extends up to San Luis Pass. It is also true for the other side of the pass. You will find fishing waters up to the Galveston Seawall. 

South Padre Island, North Padre Island, and Port Aransas are some of the other great spots for surf fishing in Texas. 

How To Catch Fish At The Texas Beach?

The first tip to catching fish at the Texas beach is to get up early. Try to be at the beach at eight in the morning or earlier. Other than that, your fishing success will depend on your understanding of the basic geography of the beachfront. 

Guts And Sandbars 

To catch a specific kind of game fish at the beach, you have to first know the structures near which you can find them. Here, “structure” means rock groins, rock submerged in water, depressions, jetties, washouts, etc. 

However, no matter where you are on a Texas beach, one form is common. These are sand bars and gut. Bars are raised areas of sand where the rising tide starts breaking. 

The depressions between these raised areas are the guts. Texas beaches commonly have three or more sandbars. Between each bar, there is a gut. 

Catching Fish At the First and Furthest Guts 

If you are looking for smaller fish, cast your line in the “Wade Gut .”This is also known as the first gut. Wade Gut is the gut that is closest to the beach.

You can find small drums, croakers, bull reds, and whitings in this gut. Besides the smaller fish, you can catch many big ones too, such as stingrays or jacks.

The furthest fishing guts, usually the third or, in some cases, the fourth gut, are where you will find the bigger game fish. The Texas Redfish and shark species are the most well-known.

For the smaller fish, you can use shrimp and bits as bait. Crabs, cut mullet, and whiting are the best choices of bait when you are catching bigger fish.

How Does Surf Fishing in Port Aransas Compare to Surf Fishing in Texas Overall?

When it comes to surf fishing in Texas, PortOpens in a new tab. Aransas offers a unique experience. The location’s diverse marine life and coastal waters provide ample opportunities for success. Those looking for surf fishing tips in Port can expect an adventure that surpasses the average Texas fishing trip.

Texas Surf Fishing Safety Tips

Surf fishing in Texas is surely a fun and exciting activity. But you have to be careful of a few things to ensure your safety. Although surf fishing isn’t that much of dangerous activity, it has its risks.

Firstly, get a fishing buddy. It is not wise to go alone. A big fish or the tide might pull you into the water. Getting stung by stingrays or jellyfish is also a real thing. Moreover, there is the risk of getting stuck in quicksand. 

Therefore, it is safe to have someone by your side. Plus, the company of a friend will also help you have a more enjoyable time at the beach. 

Secondly, wear a variety of lightweight life vests. Coastal waters are always famous for their whimsical nature. So, if you get pulled into the sea, you can still manage yourself when you have a vest on. Plus, the guts are pretty deep too. Therefore, a vest will help if you fall into the water. 

Thirdly, watch out for well-known sea creatures that harm humans, such as sharks, jellyfish, and stingrays. Also, be careful not to cut yourself on rusty hooks or glasses that might be on the beach.

Lastly, arrange for some wheels if you plan on roaming the beach looking for a suitable spot. Walking around in the sand for miles is tough and tiring. So better be prepared than regret it later. 


A Texas surf fishing trip can rejuvenate your mind and body. A few good days at the beach and catching some big game fish can be a wonderful experience. Just choose the right season, pack the right equipment, and take the proper safety measures.

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I love feeling the cool ocean spray every time I hit the beach with a rod and a bucket of bait. I love the thrill of feeling bites on my line whenever I hook a big one. And I especially love the pride that comes with cooking a fresh catch and sharing it with my friends and family. Thank you for stopping by. Let's go catch some fish!

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