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Here Are The 6 Best Underwater Fishing Cameras

underwater fishing cameras
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The scenery underwater can be a sight to behold. That is one of the perks of fishing. Any good surf fishing enthusiast knows that you need a good camera to enjoy the experience. But picking the perfect one can be difficult. That is why you need the best underwater fishing cameras.

The one by MOOCOR is my personal favorite. The MOOCOR Underwater Fishing CameraOpens in a new tab. is one of the best-rounded and balanced ones. It has all of the essential features of a top performer, including a good camera, a good LCD, and a waterproof design.

This one might not be for everyone, though. If you are looking for something different, do not worry. You have 5 more to choose from. Each comes at different price points and with different features that might stand out to you.

6 Best Underwater Fishing Cameras To Buy Now 

Choosing an underwater fishing camera can be tough. It is especially true when you do not know what to look for or have technical knowledge. Do not worry! I rounded up the top picks you can buy right now. Whether you are looking for the crème de la crème or a budget option, I have something for everyone. Let’s get started. 

1. MOOCOR Underwater Fishing CameraOpens in a new tab.

MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera, Portable Fish Finder Camera HD 1000 TVL Infrared LED Waterproof Camera with 4.3 Inch LCD Monitor for Ice Lake Sea Boat Kayak Fishing

The first camera is from MOOCOROpens in a new tab., and it is hands down my favorite one. What makes MOOCOR’s camera stand out is just how purpose-built it is. You get everything you need in one compact and competent little package. 

This camera uses a very durable and sturdy line. It features a long and sturdy cable to ensure you are not restricted. You can use it in deep waters thanks to the impressive 15m cable. And it is not just any flimsy old cable.

Speaking of durability, the build quality of this thing is impressive, to say the least. You expect a solid build when you buy a quality camera (and price).

MOOCOR delivers on that it is cold-resistant, waterproof, and anti-press. You do not need to worry about unexpected damage or corrosion.

The screens on this are a treat too! The LCD monitor is easy to view. Along with the infrared LED light, it can tell you exactly where the fish are.

So, your casts will be very accurate, with a higher chance of catching a fish. The LCD has cool features like low-battery notification and digital zoom and is readable in bright sunlight.

Together with all the features, everything makes this a very versatile camera. You can use it for surf fishing and all other types of fishing. 


  • Durable build quality 
  • Long sturdy cable 
  • Clear LCD 
  • Infrared LED tells you fish location


  • It is a tad bit pricey
MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera, Portable Fish Finder Camera HD 1000 TVL Infrared LED Waterproof Camera with 4.3 Inch LCD Monitor for Ice Lake Sea Boat Kayak Fishing

2. Eyoyo 1000TVL 9-inch Underwater Fishing CameraOpens in a new tab.

Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera Portable Video Fish Finder 9 inch LCD Monitor 1000TVL Waterproof Camera Underwater DVR Video Fish Cam 30m Cable 12pcs IR Infrared Lights for Ice, Lake and Boat Fishing

If you search for underwater fishing cameras, EyoyoOpens in a new tab. is one name that will pop up quite often. There is a reason for that, though. Eyoyo has a range of cameras perfect for everyone. I picked their 9-inch 1000TVLOpens in a new tab. infrared model. 

From the name, you can probably guess that the screen is 9 inches. That is actually quite impressive, and it is one of the biggest screens on this list. The large screen is not just for bragging, though.

The ample screen lets you see the underwater world with a clear view. It has a 1024 x 600-pixel screen, which means you get a clearer picture and can make out the things you are seeing underwater.

And not to mention, it also makes your fishing experience easier and more enjoyable. 

Assisting the screen is the AHD-upgraded 720p camera. I would have preferred a full HD 1080p camera, but you can’t have everything, can you? Nonetheless, the quality of the camera itself is quite impressive.

Waterproofing, long cables, and durable build quality are all standard features. You are also pretty much set in terms of battery life.

With a respectable 6-hour runtime, it should be plenty for long fishing sessions or an entire afternoon.


  • IP68 waterproof rating 
  • High definition 720p camera
  • Vivid and large screen 
  • Robust build


  • The camera is not full HD 1080p
Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera Portable Video Fish Finder 9 inch LCD Monitor 1000TVL Waterproof Camera Underwater DVR Video Fish Cam 30m Cable 12pcs IR Infrared Lights for Ice, Lake and Boat Fishing

3. Aqua-Vu AV 715C Underwater Viewing System with Color Video Camera & 7″ LCD Monitor

Aqua-Vu AV 715C Underwater Viewing System with Color Video Camera & 7

Those who do not want to spend a ton of money on an underwater fishing cameraOpens in a new tab. will love this one from the guys over at AquaOpens in a new tab.. That is a pretty fitting name for a fishing camera manufacturer, no?

Well, anyway, how does it perform?

In short, admirably. Even if you ignore the price, the features are pretty respectable. And beginners to intermediate fishers or surf fishers will not regret the purchase.

The cable included is 15m in length. That is good news, as it allows you to go deeper into the water. 

This one has a cool little party trick because it can be used in slightly darker conditions.

So, if you go deep underground and the sunlight is scarce, you can rely on this trusty little camera to get the job done. 

The lens is Opti-RX quality. You need to know all the branding terms. Aside from that, it is a high-performer and gives you clear visuals.

The 12v battery will be enough juice to get you through a solid session.

Its camera housing supports different kinds of attachments, which gives the versatility of this shoot right up!

However, there is one small gripe. Well, it’s not a gripe but more of an inconvenience. The attachments and accessories are sold separately.


  • Comes with a custom storage bag
  • Water-resistant IP67
  • Clear and high-quality lens
  • Long and sturdy cable


  • Accessories sold separately 

4. LUCKY DVR Video Fishing CameraOpens in a new tab.

LUCKY DVR Video Fishing Camera Boat Infrared Light Cameras Fishing Kayak Video Remote Underwater Cameras Fish High Resolution Portable Recording Waterproof for Sea Fishing

Another top choice is the Lucky DVR Video Fishing CameraOpens in a new tab., which will add to your fishing arsenal. The standout feature here is in the name itself. The ‘DVR’ bit. 

Let’s talk about that then, shall we? This camera is very portable (and capable).

It comes in at not much bigger than a typical smartphone and has a 4.3-inch LCD and a low-light mode.

So, you can see during dark conditions as well.

Oh, and did I mention that you can also take pictures and videos? The quality is superb. It captures images at 480x272p.

Along with this, the long 20m cable can reach some pretty cool places.

The viewing angle is 120 degrees. While that may not be the best, it is good enough, in my opinion.

The cable is not a flimsy waste, either. Its build is very impressive, and it has a bearing tension of 40 kg!

If that is not enough, the package includes a 16GB memory card to get you going right away.

So, you do not have to wait a day or two for your memory card to arrive.

If you have a fancy memory card that you want to use, or if the 16GB size is not suitable for you, you can just pop in the one you want to use.

It will accept the card and work with it like a charm. There is no unnecessary compatibility restriction.


  • 40 kgs cable bearing tension 
  • Can click stills and take videos
  • Portable and lightweight 
  • Outstanding build quality 


  • No stand
LUCKY DVR Video Fishing Camera Boat Infrared Light Cameras Fishing Kayak Video Remote Underwater Cameras Fish High Resolution Portable Recording Waterproof for Sea Fishing

5. GoFish Cam Wireless Underwater Fishing CameraOpens in a new tab.

GoFish Cam- Full HD 1080p Wireless Underwater Fishing Camera, Black with LED, App Compatible with iOS and Android

It is the 21st century; your underwater fishing cameras can be wireless GoFishOpens in a new tab. has the same idea. This wireless option is hands down the best looking of the bunch here.

The sleek design makes it look like a luxury piece of gadget.

Do not be deceived by looks alone, though. There are some pretty cool features and functionalities. 

The first thing that stands out is the video quality. You can choose either 60 FPS or 30 FPS for 1080p capture.

If you want to step down a bit, there is an option for 720p at 60 FPS.

When recording, your videos will come out smooth and stable. How? I’m glad you asked. 

This camera has in-line rigging paired with a stabilized body design. The videos come out very steady, which is pleasing to look at.

And since it is a wireless one, you can expect some other nifty features. 

What more could you want? Not so fast. There is more! It has app integration that lets you control and manage it right from your phone. It has night vision.

Yes, you heard that right. Okay, let’s all be realistic.

Do not expect military-grade night vision. A small drawback is that it sits on your fishing line, which might not be something everyone likes.

But for something this small and useful, the night vision is not impaired and is very serviceable.

All in all, you should not regret this one.


  • Night vision 
  • Wireless technology 
  • Seamless app integration 
  • 1080p and 720p capture


  • Sits on your fishing line
GoFish Cam- Full HD 1080p Wireless Underwater Fishing Camera, Black with LED, App Compatible with iOS and Android

6. Olymbros Underwater Fishing CameraOpens in a new tab.

The previous camera might have been portable, but the Olymprbos underwater fishing cameraOpens in a new tab. takes the crown as the most portable underwater fishing camera.

One of the coolest things about this camera is the design itself.

Apart from being very portable, it has fins that give you a steady video feed.

It does not wobble in the water, and the AVI cycle recording allows you to capture clear footage.

The camera captures at 720p resolution, though. There is no full HD 1080p capture with this one, unfortunately. 

It is very well-built and waterproof. You can use it up to 20m in-depth, and the 1360 mA polymer battery will keep it running for 4 hours.

That is shy of some of the other cameras in this review.

That makes some of the points lost for not having full HD capture. And I think that is more of a problem than missing 1080p capture. 

There is a large 32 GB memory card included in the package. That will help you get up and running right out of the box.

And the night recording mode will make illuminating dark areas a charm. It is a yellow LED light that will not scare the fish away.


  • Subtle yellow LED for night recording
  • Durable build quality 
  • Fin for minimal wobble
  • Included 32 GB memory card.


  • Only 4 hours of a battery runtime

Factors To Consider When Buying An Underwater Fishing Camera

Picking a camera from a list is easy. I rounded up the best ones on the market for you. But if you go into this knowing what features to look for and what is essential, you will make a more informed decision.

So, here are the most important features to consider before buying.


Build quality and materials are two of the most important things. The last thing you want is to end up with a camera that kicks the bucket just after a couple of months of use. Look out for solid materials and a generally robust build. 

That is how you can ensure that the camera will last. Durability is really important. Do not believe that you must spend a lot of money to get a long-lasting one. Some of the more budget-friendly ones are perfectly well-built.


Some form of waterproofing or water-resistant is absolutely crucial. Anything less than IP67 is a no-go, in my opinion. After all, you will use it underwater when fishing. 

The IP rating stands for ingress protection. And the numbers tell you how dirt and water-resistant it is. The higher the number, the more water-resistant the camera will be. 

Camera Quality and LCD Display 

A fishing camera needs to have a good camera and lens. Well, this one is a bit of a no-brainer. What stumps most people is the technicality of it. 

A high number of pixels will give you a sharper image. That will make the camera more functional. And the higher the resolution and FPS, the crisper and smoother the image will be.

When it comes to resolution and FPS, 720p at 30 FPS should be the minimum. 

The LCD screen is also essential. That is your view of what the camera sees. Look for a large and sharp screen. The size of it depends on personal preference. 

Field of View

A wide field of view is always better. You are not looking at a fixed point. Knowing what is going on underwater and where the fish are is essential. Besides, having a wide camera angle just makes everything better.

Go for ones that have at least a 90-120 degree field of view. You will thank yourself later on for having done so. 

Cable Length and Durability 

A critical component of your underwater fishing camera is the cable itself. That needs to be an adequate length for you. These cameras can mostly see what is right in front of them.

So, if you need to go deep down to see the weed beds or fish that live deeper in the water, a longer cable length becomes very important. You need the cable to be durable as well. 

Battery Life

This one is a bit tricky. While you want good battery life, the maximum battery capacity can reduce over time. And that might cause it to not perform as well as on day one. 

That is still fine. Ideally, I suggest going for something that has at least 4 to 6 hours of battery life. You will be able to have longer fishing sessions or maybe an entire afternoon without charging it.

Advantages Of Underwater Fishing Cameras

You might think that the typical fishing gear should be enough when surf fishing. Well, not quite. An underwater fishing camera can enhance the experience quite a bit.

If some of you are still unsure whether you need one, then this bit is for you. 

Here is a brief look at the advantages of having one:

  • You Can Study Fish Behavior: You can study fish behavior underwater with a camera like this. That will make you more knowledgeable about your craft.
  • Easier to Catch Fish: You do not need a rocket science degree to know that when you can see the fish swimming about, it gets much easier to catch them. Some cameras tell you where to cast too!
  • It is a visual experience: Lastly, the sight is truly breathtaking. Seeing underwater life living it up in their natural habitat is a sight second to none.


There you have it. Choosing the best underwater fishing cameras should now be a breeze. I am still going to stick to my favorite pick.

The MOOCOR Underwater Fishing CameraOpens in a new tab. truly is one of the most balanced and feature-packed ones you can buy right now. 

Everything from the build quality, extra features, camera, and the screen is top-notch and will not leave you wanting more.

MOOCOR is a reputed name as well. So, you do not have to worry about this thing breaking down soon. 

The cable is sturdy with fantastic waterproofing. What more could you want? If you are someone who wants a well-rounded one, MOOCOR checks all the boxes.

You do not have to stick to my choice, though. There are five more options to choose from, with varying price points. There is something for everyone!

Zaldy G.

I love feeling the cool ocean spray every time I hit the beach with a rod and a bucket of bait. I love the thrill of feeling bites on my line whenever I hook a big one. And I especially love the pride that comes with cooking a fresh catch and sharing it with my friends and family. Thank you for stopping by. Let's go catch some fish!

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