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Waterproof Reels Vs. Mag-Sealed Reels: Which One Is Better?

waterproof vs mag-sealed reels
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The weather is improving, and travel restrictions have been relieved. The opportunity to fish has reopened, and the open waters have never looked better. Time, not fishing, has been spent reviewing current kits and how to get the most out of fishing expeditions to come. Do you wonder which reel is better: waterproof or mag sealed?

Both waterproof and mag-sealed reels will provide you with water resistance. The difference is in how they keep out the water. While the waterproof reel connects perfectly to keep it dry, the mag-sealed reel contains a special liquid that solidifies, creating a barrier against water and dirt.

Although both have water resistance in mind, they hold different qualities, making them effective. Please read on to discover how each reel works when keeping out water, what products are on the market, and who can use them.

What Is the Difference Between Waterproof and Mag Sealed Reels?

The waterproof reelOpens in a new tab. ability can be seen in its name. Although general reels in themselves can handle being close to the water and being touched by sprays running off the wind. They cannot cope with continuous sitting on the water or full immersion under water. 

What puts the mag-sealed reelOpens in a new tab. into the waterproof league but does not hold the same title is its makeup. The mag-sealed reel has a waterproof seal that disallows any penetration of water.

This seal is made from a solidified liquid composition called Mag oil.

Due to the difference between the makeup of the reel that gives it its waterproof barrier, there is a difference in the price. 

The waterproof reel can be purchased at low and high prices, making it suitable for all budgets. Due to the specialization of mag sealed, these reels are in the hundreds of dollars. 

Your confidence in the water resistance of your reel lies in manufacturing them.

For waterproof seals, your confidence lies in the reliability of the machines or hands that are putting the reels together; there is more room for error.

Using a mag seal maintains reliability in its one solution with set ingredients.

The Advantages And Benefits of Mag-Sealed Reels

What makes the mag-sealed reelOpens in a new tab. special is the attention from mag oils creators. Mag oil was developed initially within space engineering.

This engineering specializes in developing products that can sustain various pressures and scenarios for such settings.

Its original composition is liquid that keeps out water and dust, but when magnetized, it solidifies, creating a permanent seal from water.

This attention to creating a reel that can withstand water and incorporating mag oil which has received much attention in its design is an advantage in itself. 

As a solidified product, mag oil can do more benefit for the reel than keeping it out of water only.

This special seal can save the reel from degrading faster than those without the seal. This means you can get a longer life for your reel, making it more cost-effective in the long run. 

The benefit of having a reel that can withstand quick degradation puts it at quite an advantage.

When at the water’s edge, having this seal acting as a barrier means that the cogs and inner workings of your reel remain smooth and run as efficiently as possible. 

The video below will show you a mag seal and how it works.

Credit: Tackle Advisors

What Are Mag Sealed Reels Available Currently?

A sturdy mag-sealed reel on the market is the Daiwa SaltigaOpens in a new tab.. This reel is strong and sturdy, meaning you can be confident when tackling opportunities of catching larger fish. 

Its design and makeup are contained within an aluminum shell. This will keep out dirt and water while still providing smooth usage. 

It is also coated in special paint, reducing the risk of chipping. Regardless of its heavy use, it can remain reliable and presentable to others.

At this moment, DaiwaOpens in a new tab. is the only contender for reel ln the market that uses mag seal, so it’s at the forefront of reel development. It requires little maintenance due to the advanced technology used to make the seal.

Please click below for the official Daiwa mag seal video.

Credit: Tackle Advisors

The Advantages and Benefits of Waterproof Reels

As mentioned above, reels, as standard, are not waterproof and, without mag seal, are not strong resisters against continuous bombardment of water. 

A waterproof reel has been made with water resistance in mind. When designed and produced, the reel components are fixed together to create the sealant.

The precision placed in the fixtures that clasp together when creating the finished product produces the barrier required against water.

The seal is created when fixing components together for the waterproof barrier. This means less maintenance is required as strong attention to detail has been used to make the precision.

You can be confident that what you use will be effective against water.

This attention to detail in the design, manufacture, and production of waterproof reels is a strong advantage in its aim of resisting water. 

The video below will show you how each component of a waterproof reel comes together to make it effective against water.

Video Credit: Tackle Advisors

Which Waterproof Reels Are Available Currently?

Van StaalOpens in a new tab. is a widely known waterproof fishing reel brand that is regarded highly by those who use them. 

The Van Staal VROpens in a new tab. is one for those looking for confidence when using the reel on salt water. It is made of aluminum, providing durability when in use.

Its design is made with alignment in mind, so it is a reel you can rely on regardless of the conditions of the water. This reel is completely waterproof and sealed.

This combination of strength and alignment produces a smooth drag when in use. It is long-lasting, and your reel will remain resistant to water.

Who Can Use These Reels?

Both reels have been created with attention to detail and for water resistance. Depending on what type of fishing you will hold, decide which reel is best for you. There will be an impact on your reel if you are saltwater or freshwater fishing.

When purchasing your reel, whether you choose a mag-sealed or waterproof reel, check the individual specifications first to ensure it is suitable for the water you will be fishing. 

Fishing rods made for saltwater can be used in freshwater, but this does not run the same for freshwater reels in the saltwater.

The composition of mag sealant on reels can be used in salt and freshwater. The reels shown above are suitable for those who fish in salt water.

What type of reel is best for using different baits and lures for striped bass?

When it comes to choosing the best reel for using baits and lures for striped bassOpens in a new tab., a baitcasting reel is often the preferred choice. Its ability to handle varied weights and sizes of baits and lures for striped bass makes it a versatile option for anglers of all skill levels.

Which Reel Is Better?

Although both reels are designed for water resistance, their ability to do this differs.

Waterproof reels are better for those on a budget. They have received attention to detail in their design to allow for protection against water in their assembly. 

They may not be suitable for all water types. Your reel will not last as long, and you will need to pay more for a new reel or its maintenance.

Mag-sealed reels are suitable for both fresh and saltwater conditions. Its barrier can deflect dirt and water, protecting its mechanisms. 

Although they’re more expensive, you instantly gain more reliability and long life. Less focus on maintenance is required as there is confidence in the special mag-oil substance.

Deciding which reel is better lies in the user itself. However, suppose you’re looking for confidence and better value for money. 

In that case, the mag-sealed reels are what you should be looking at adding to your collection.


Both waterproof and mag-sealed reels protect the inner mechanisms from water and dirt. Waterproof reels can suit all budgets, whereas mag-sealed reels are more of a luxury purchase.

Waterproof reels create their barrier through their components and their connection together. Mag-sealed reels create their barrier through the mag oil liquid that solidifies when magnetizing. 

Not all reels are suitable for the waters they are being used on. Saltwater reelsOpens in a new tab. can be used in freshwater, but freshwater reels cannot be used in saltwater. 

Mag seal can be used on both salt and freshwater, whereas waterproof reels on their own might not be. 

Confidence in your reel relies on the trust you have in its manufacturer. Mag seal is one liquid solution for all, whereas the waterproof reel maintains water resistance in its fixtures.

When answering which reel is better, it depends on your budget and the confidence you’re looking for when in use.

Although mag seal can be more expensive, you’re getting better value for money and a reel that has furthered its development and effectiveness. 


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