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7 Top Fishing Knots For Swivels

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A well-secured swivel can prevent your fishing trip from becoming frustrating. Fishing swivels attach two separate fishing lines. On top of that purpose, they serve to untangle your fishing line during casting and retrieval of the line. So, how do you tie a swivel to a fishing line?

There are several types of knots you can try when it comes to tying your swivel to a fishing line:

  • The Blood Knot
  • The Figure Eight Knot
  • The Uni Knot
  • The San Diego Jam
  • A Simple Knot
  • Offshore Swivel Knot
  • The Improved Clinch Knot

Let’s take you through the different methods for tying a swivel to your fishing line. You may wonder if there is a favorite knot amongst the various options. Read on to find out.

How to Tie a Swivel to A Fishing Line

A poorly tied swivel can have you losing more than just your fishing line. If you are playing with a fish and dragging it in, you lose your catch as the knot comes undone. 

To save you from that kind of grief and share sad tales of the “one that got away,” here are tried and true knots for attaching your swivel to your line.

1. The Blood Knot

This knot can be used for various circumstances, such as tying two lines together or a hook to your line. However, because we’re focusing on swivels, here is how to use the blood knot to tie your swivel to a fishing line.

  1. Thread your line through the eye of the swivel
  2. Wrap the tag end of the line back along the line 5 times.
  3. Thread the line back through the first loop.
  4. Wet the tag end and cut off any excess line.

2. Figure Eight Knot

If you want a strong knot, go with the figure eight knot. There are two varieties of this knot: simple and loop knot.

Tying a simple figure eight knot;

  1. Thread your line through the eye of the swivel
  2. Pass the tag end of the line back over the other piece of the line. Then pass the tag end back through the first loop.
  3. Wet the knot and then tighten it. It should end up looking like figure 8.

Tying a figure eight loop knot:

This is a great knot if you want to create an interconnecting series of loops through which you can connect your lures or other fishing lines.

  1. Thread the tag end of the line through the swivel. Then fold back the line to be around 6 to 8 inches in length.
  2. Bring your first loop back under the line to create a second loop.
  3. Wrap this first loop around the line and then thread it through the second loop.
  4. Pull on both ends of the line to tighten it. Cut off any excess from the tag end of the line.

3. The Uni Knot

This is a popular knot thanks to its versatility and ease of tying. Here is how you can tie your swivel to a fishing line with the uni knot:

  1. Create a circle with your line by threading it through the eye of the swivel and then doubling back.
  2. Wrap the tag end of the line around the other line six times and then slide it through the loop.
  3. Moisten the knot, then pull it tight. Slide the knot down towards the eye of the swivel by pulling on the main line.

4. The San Diego Jam

A knot that was made popular in San Diego by the tuna fishermen there. It is also called the Reverse Cinch Knot or Heiliger Knot. It is a knot that can retain its strength and is easy to tie. 

Follow these steps to create the San Diego Jam:

  1. Thread the tag end of the line through your swivel. Slide this section of the line back under the other part of the line.
  2. Loop the tag end of the line over your index finger. Wind it seven back down towards the swivel.
  3. Slide the tag end of the line back through the loop you created with your index finger (take your finger out of the loop).
  4. Wet your lines and pull the knot tight against the swivel. Cut off any excess line from the tag end.

5. A Simple Knot

If you want simplicity in knot tying, then try this.

  1. Loop your line back over itself 4 inches from the end of the loop. Thread this loop through the eye of your swivel.
  2. Push the loop through the circle that you made. Slide the swivel through your loop.
  3. Hold the swivel in one hand and the line in your other hand. Pull the swivel and the line in opposite directions to create your knot.

6. Offshore Swivel Knot

This knot is strong. It is the preferred knot for offshore fishermen when tying their swivels to fishing lines. To create this knot, do the following:

  1. Thread the tag end of the line through your swivel. Turn the tag end on itself by threading it back through the eye of the swivel to create a loop.
  2. Twist the loop above the swivel.
  3. Fold the loop back over the top of the swivel. Have the loop overlap the other section of the line.
  4. Hold the loop in place with your fingers.
  5. Slide the swivel through the opening of the loop. Rotate the swivel six times so that you create a twisting of the line that forms the loop.
  6. Hold the swivel while you pull on the line to tighten the knot.

Can I Use These Fishing Knots for Tying a Fishing Line on a Swivel?

Yes, you can use these fishing knots for tying a fishing line on a swivel. There are various knots suitable for tying fishing line swivelOpens in a new tab., such as the improved clinch knot, the Palomar knot, and the Uni knot. These knots provide secure connections to prevent the fishing line from slipping or breaking.

7. Improved Cinch Knot

Another knot that is an all-rounder and easy to tie. If you want to try your hand at creating this knot, this is what to do:

  1. Slide your fishing line through the eye of the swivel, then double back the line by 6 inches.
  2. Twist the tag end of the line seven times around the other section of the line.
  3. Thread the tag end back through your initial loop at the bottom of the swivel.
  4. Pull on the tag end and the main line to tighten the knot. Ensure that none of the coils lay on top of one another.
  5. Trim off any excess line from the tag end.


Regarding fishing, knots are a necessary part of the activity. Many knots are available to tie your swivel to a fishing line, and we handpicked seven of the most popular knots.

If you want knots that are easy to tie and provide strength, try the San Diego Jam or Improved Clinch Knot. Like anything in life, what your favorite knot is coming down to personal preference. Try them all and settle on the knots that you love the most.

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